360 Magazine: 1600 MS Points card is now more popular than the Wii remote

360 Magazine: The NPD results are in, which means we can go through the annual process of pretending we understand the economics of the console market by interpreting its findings.

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Counter Strike2897d ago

they needed 10 years to dominate the continent but finnally Xbox took over it.

deadreckoning6662897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

When the first Xbox launched many of people bashed it to high heaven...look where the Xbox brand is now. The PS2 was awesomesauce as well...but Xbox Live paved the way for online gaming on consoles. Because of Live and Halo's success, an online component is pretty much mandatory for nearly all FPS games. Online gaming = more bang for your buck. If the Xbox was never console gaming wouldn't be as big as it is today.

@number47- Ummm..whats your malfunction BuzzKillington? No one here is denying that the 360 has hardware problems and that Xbox Live is too expensive(to this day I refuse to pay for XBL). I agree with you 100% ...but that doesn't mean Microsoft deserves any less credit for what they have done in the multiplayer online space. Yes..Microsoft fucked up in a couple of areas...but they more than made up for it with Xbox Live.

"Least number of quality AAA titles & exclusive franchises."

Subjective. The PS3 has a greater variety of exclusives(fact), but that doesn't automatically mean that they are "better" than 360 exclusives. Also, with MW2 being the most played game on the 360 AND PS3...its pretty obvious that most 360/PS3 gamers don't give a shit about exclusives.

"Versions of the console that can't play its most popular franchise."

Yep, thats bullshit on Microsoft and Bungie's part

"Most out-dated HDMI & Disc format"

I don't know what u mean by outdated HDMI. Blu-Ray is superior to DVD as far as disc space is concerned, no question about that. However, Blu-Ray doesn't automatically equal the "better" game.

Halo 3 has more gameplay features than any other PS3 exclusive shooter on the market and its not on Blu-Ray. Also, Borderlands has more gun customization options that any other PS3 exclusive shooter. Its not about the tech you have..its what you do with it that counts.

uxo222897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Edit: NM

number472897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Halo3 also has less resolution textures, sound, and its SubHD. Amazing point proving the case for DVD's limited storage. Borderlands is also on the PS3? You don't think it would have more features on a bluray disc right? Because some how more disc space = Less features.

No bluray doesn't automatically mean better. Not sure who said that, but when it comes to the case of game developers it gives more space for better sound/textures/more animation and higher resolution assets. Little Big Planet has more customization than Halo & Borderlands combined, and it runs in a higher resolution. With more post processing & physics known to man.

Not sure why its so hard for Xbox Zealots to grasp the notion of more space = more halo or more borderlands, but thats something im going to have to personally give up on.

PS3 exclusives on a grading scale, which Xbox fans used to use until they couldnt' anymore.. score higher than 360 games. This is a fact. Alan wake, splinter cell, crackdown 2.. what world do you live in? This isn't subjective when its quantified and broadcasted on a disc as a reason to BUY the thing.We are way past opinon when Microsoft sends 800 dollar swag bags to companies to get a good score. Or when someone is fired for a low score.

You cant refute it, you can only claim that MW2 is the most played online game. So theres no reason to even count exclusive gaming. As if that counts god of war & heavy rain players... Their sales can speak for them, where as Alan Wake & Splinter cells, and Banjo Kazooie sales can speak for them. Games that all sell perfeclty fine without a 40 million dollar ad campaigns worth more than the games budgets with old men crying.( Gears & Halo )

My point is that Sony & Nintendo were/are #1 with their legacy. And have amazing gaming to speak for their history.

Microsoft has advertising. Halo may have a ton of features, but is simple to do with the limited # of online players, in a sub hd resolution. I doubt anyone here would dare call it a technical marvel by any stands. So not sure how that speaks well for DVD. Its not at the level of current technology, Crysis2/Rage/Killzone at all technically, but im supposed to be excited over matchmaking options?


Continue beating your chest about Microsofts second place, and ill always be here to remind you what you're cheering about. Garbage hardware, little to no AAA franchises, and just a cheaper place to play PS3 games.


EvilBlackCat2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

wow somebody got humiliated

Fred-G-Sanford2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Positive 360 news is always sure to hurt a lot of butts around this place.

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FACTUAL evidence2897d ago

being that you gotta pay for everything on live, like free DLC (L4D anyone?) and as far as online gameplay.

badz1492897d ago

comparing something that you need to buy several times a year with a controller you can use until it wears off is really giving the true picture of the situation /s

number472897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Highest sales in north america & north america alone, while still being second. Sony & Nintendo know what first place actually means.

Most problematic hardware
Most expensive online
Least number of quality AAA titles & exclusive franchises.
Versions of the console that can't play its most popular franchise.
Most out-dated HDMI & Disc format
Out-Dated Netflix setup

I bet you guys were proud of General Motors too! I'd say enjoy the success, but for 360 owners.. Microsoft doesn't share the wealth with cheaper online/good quality non-unreal engine-rushed 1.1 updates of games or Free DLC. Everyone gives props to MS for Xbox live & Sony improved on it by making it free. America.. F-yeah. And now kinect is set to spin the world upside down with its webcam games sold at a premium.

Wait, what are 360 owners excited about again? Still being second right?


Again, everyone gives XBL credit. But they did that with the first discontinued Xbox. And online for consoles was inevitable , as it was having flashes and glints with other consoles. Sony & Nintendo had great a great Legacy quality & in being #1. Microsofts legacy is a streamlined -steam like- system for online gaming, advertising, and timed exclusives. Call me buzz killington all ya want. But M$ sold a few more units relatively speaking, than the discontinued first console. And we both know a large majority of those are broken units.

They deserve less credit for little to no quality control, timed exclusives, and just trying to buy the other guy - - out. Its nothing to be proud of imo. Microsoft could have had the hardware of the sega genesis, and sold it with marketing.. Kinect is about to prove that.

0oAngeluso02897d ago

We need a WHAAAAMBULANCE stat!

lowcarb2897d ago

please stfu! No need for childish below the belt rants.

Jaces2897d ago

why is this relevant? Most everyone I know buys MS point cards, I think I'm the only one who uses my debit card.

So again...this means...what?

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gta_manic2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

FINNALLY, people buy more card they use to buy stuff on live instead of buying a CONTROLLER... ya go xbox...

Parapraxis2897d ago

This is an epically STUPID article.

niceguywii602897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Doesn't matter you PS3 fanboys always say epically STUPID sh*t regardless of the quality of the article. The proof is seeing nothing but PS3 fanboys in here in a article not PS3 related.



The 360 has been beating PS3 Worldwide for months

Make sure you check in the window on the top of the page

Parapraxis2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I own a 360 + PS3 smart*ss.
Aside from the bit about points cards there is no new info in this article, thus it's pretty pointless and stupid, much like the bulk of your comments.

BTW I'd say "feel free to add me on XBL" but you're not much of a gamer anyways.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2897d ago

yeah the ps3 is selling more software then 360 and the wii.everybody knew the 360 was going to get a sells surge in hardware due to halo reach.

Stealth20k2897d ago

So america means something worldwide?

The ps3 and 360 have no chance to catch the wii in any market

4cough2897d ago

fighting the good fight, with all the adversity of gaming world coming at you full force, but yet you just keep on coming and your doing well, you've already Knocked out last gens champ and now its clear up time.

Keep going xbox, I'm with you all the way.

MorganX2897d ago

Don't just give MS credit. What about the developers? XBLA keeps turning out the best arcade DLC and multiplat games like Enslaved and Castlevania are two of the best games on any platform. They're not FPS' and they're not made by Microsoft. This is good ...

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