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toaster2803d ago

Steam is growing so fast, Valve is adding new content every day and keeping PC gamers happy. Steamworks is a very non-intrusive DRM and I welcome that.

Hideo_Kojima2802d ago

Steam was giving out free games when I signed up...

2-3 years ago I g ot Half Life Deathmatch 2 for free because they were giving it out to everyone who had a Radeon graphics card.

I ended up buying some games too.

BattleAxe2802d ago

I'm hoping for a good Holloween sale. Maybe they'll have RE5 on for $12.99 again.

GrilledCheeseBook2802d ago


that deal is still going

FragGen2803d ago

I wish valve was a public company so I could buy some stock.

Pandamobile2803d ago

Then they'd get bought up by some giant company and get ruined. We don't want that.

GrilledCheeseBook2803d ago

that's what keeps their integrity in place
I hope they never go public

ATi_Elite2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Yep Steam is the face of PC Gaming and their innovations represent the future of video gaming and the best way to do digital distribution with a DRM that doesn't ruin your PC.

30 million active users gaming, buying, and sharing tech help in one big happy community that Valve actually listens to and interacts with which is why Valve is the best.

Love those $3.99 weekend specials.

badz1492802d ago

people were saying PC gaming is dead! 30m is a lot of people!

Rainstorm812802d ago

a few more mil and it'll be up there with PSN....lls

PS - To the inevitable butt hurt PC fans.... its a joke get over it

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x8002803d ago

30 Million!

and thats steam alone.
we should add another 20 million or more for none steam users.

Letros2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

30 million accounts and not a cent spent on direct advertising, impressive.

TheIneffableBob2802d ago

Very impressive. Their service is advertised through the great games Valve makes and their amazing sales. The only time I've seen Steam advertised on TV is in a little Steam logo at the end of a game commercial.

Pizza2803d ago

Some of them are the new account created by players banned by MW2.

IaMs122803d ago

And if they were banned, then they wouldnt really count would they? and what does Valve care they broke the rules, and now they have to buy the game again for their own stupid mistake. In the end Valve wins

Chris_TC2803d ago

Steam is great, here's to 40 million users...

Pandamobile2803d ago

I'm sure we will be approaching 40 million around this time next year.

SephireX2802d ago

And I will be make it 30,000,001 later today.

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The story is too old to be commented.