Analysis: Xbox 360 Blazes Ahead In 2010

Examining September's NPD results, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews finds that the Xbox 360 is in lockstep with Wii for best-selling platform of 2010 -- and on the software front, is outperforming all competition.

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Counter Strike2834d ago

in The U.S is amazing! if they can sell 6.6M by years end in U.S it will defeat Wii by big margin , its only 10K behind now , next month 360 should take the crown in Americas / States!

gamingdroid2834d ago

Yeah, the 360 is going really strong right now even without a price drop. Kinect looks like it might be the driving force this Christmas to push 360s.

It will be interesting to see this holiday season.

Ju2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

360 is dropping fast, too. I place a bet, it will be overtaken by the PS3 just before Kinect launches (and nobody will care - btw, happened in Europe already). But anyway, Kinect will push it for another 3 month. Like slim before, like Halo before.

If at all, Move was the Wii killer. Not the big hype, but ate away the reason to have a Wii - I doubt it's the 360; which were replacements, and well, Halo (which did not much for the install base). The biggest impact/surprise/w/e is the Wii in spot #3 for quite a while now.

Proof? Look at SW sales. 360HW number had 0 impact on SW sold (Halo would have sold that much no matter what). Overall, in fact, PS3 SW sales exceed 360 sales since 2 weeks now. How can that happen with a smaller install base and 360 "blazing" ahead, I might ask.

StanLee2834d ago

You're talking about the same PS3 that Sony wont release September sales figures for?! Sure fool, sure! *Rolls eyes*

vsr2834d ago

xbox360 blazes ahead in 2010 in USA.

World > US
Ocean > Waterwell

darx2834d ago

US = #1 market

Ask any of the 3 competitors and they will tell the US is the one they want most. Sorry dude!

MorganX2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Our blood is everywhere saving the world from Tyranny. Without us, even USSR would have fallen to Nazi Germany.

If you don't like the fact that Xbox 360 is kickn a$$ and taking names fine, but don't be putting down the USA.

Edit: The fact that it takes the rest of the whole world to even compete with Xbox Sales shows how important and how large the US market is.

ScootaKuH2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


WTF Man? All that and you Americans - supposedly doing all the great stuff for the world - treat the REAL Americans (The Indians) like shit and take their homes and land from them.

That's something to be proud of is it?

Sounds like you don't know much about American history. Don't come on here saying how great America is when you obviously know nothing of your own past......

Back on topic - Xbox is American. Americans stick to their own. End of.

gamingdroid2834d ago

Software sale doesn't increase as soon as new hardware is sold, it takes time to build up.

The Xbox 360 numbers are cold hard numbers that provided by NPD. It's the only console that has significantly increased their sale, while all the others competitors has decreased sale.

PS3 had it's run with the price drop, exclusives all year and PS Move. Basically PS3 has used all it's gun and it's sales are in decline. The Wii has saturated it's market and it is so cheap that there really isn't much of a sales boost due to price cut!

The only one with the last unknown is the Xbox 360 with Kinect....

With that said, not sure where you got your numbers from. Saying Halo: Reach would have sold that much no matter what and dismissing that anyone buying a console now is likely to want Halo: Reach. You know, one of the years biggest game of the year!

darx2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I am pretty sure Morganx was not alive during those times. Oh yeah, and wasn't it the Europeans who came over and conquered these lands.

Unbornkirkster192834d ago

The 360 the "blazes" ahead the competition.... in North, isnt there 2 more regions where i thought people bought gams also? I just thought there were..

Adrela2833d ago

Way to randomly bring in America’s history, which you are incredibly misled about. Educate yourself about Kennewick Man and maybe you’ll learn that this was never really the Indians land.

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fr0sty2834d ago

"then the analyst realized American doesn't make up the whole world, and that the PS3 has been shrinking the gap the 360 slim has had on it since it launched and is almost about to pass it up in sales again, and they took back their forecast."

Strikepackage Bravo2834d ago

before we get 800 more posts just to say US does not = the world, no one says it does, this is about NPD numbers, which means we dont need to keep mentioning the world.

Also, dont kid yourselves, we know dam well that 360 is most likely killing in EU as well, I would certainly not be surprised if its outselling Wii and PS3 over there, we know it is in AU and UK for sure.

Hades13372834d ago

The US is the world's biggest video game market, so it's significant nonetheless.

tplarkin72834d ago

The Xbox 360 is the best. That's why it's selling so well.

ScootaKuH2834d ago

You really think that don't you?

JokesOnYou2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Of course its all subjective, but theres PLENTY of legitimate reasons to suggest that 360 is a great console and thus its selling well....or do you actually believe consumers are all being "tricked" into buying so many 360's month after month this far into the 360 life cycle because they don't know any better. lol

Nice analysis, 360 the numbers speak for themselves while reducing the shouts of the haters to nothing more than the irrevelant n4g gossip that no one with common sense listens to.

I'm not sure what the numbers are for ps3, but I doubt they're bad either way I'm glad all the consoles have solid hardware sales but for those who make matter fact statements about who's outselling who in other regions, it would be nice if you provided links.


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catguykyou2834d ago

I think even Nintendo has commented that they have over saturated their market. This is why they are beginning to release new systems starting with the 3DS next year. It would not surprise me if both the 360 and the PS3 outsell the Wii next year.

fr0sty2834d ago

ps3 is already outselling wii quite nicely.

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