Kinect to Feature on Oprah and Ellen Shows

Tune in to see Kinect for Xbox 360 featured on "The Oprah Show" on Tuesday, Oct. 19 as part of "Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho: What Happened to the Next Big Thing?" Check local listings for air times. Even Ellen is in on the fun when Kinect makes a special appearance on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" later this month.

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Cloudberry2778d ago

Oprah & Ellen DeGeneres too?

sinncross2778d ago

well, that is marketing for you.

Last thing MS will want to do is mess up this presentation.

MURKERR2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


sony over to all honesty they need to do some move advertising because kinect is going to be absolutely everywhere lets not forget the bieber effect aswell kids love that boy

CrawFail2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

yes, but it doesn't mean it's going to be any good.

TOO PAWNED2778d ago

impressive, well done ms

deadreckoning6662778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Oprah and Ellen too! WOW..M$ is on their shit. Well done. Thats first-rate marketing right there. EveN if Kinect turns out to be a horrible gaming experience(which I doubt considering all the R&D money they put into it), it'll still be a good pay day for M$.

"yes, but it doesn't mean it's going to be any good"

We know that..we're merely commending Microsoft for their marketing know-how. When I try Kinect out, ill definetly create a user review and inform you.

"Why is it always celebrities and Microsoft pr touting about how it works amazingly in their controlled environment."

Celebrities influence the mainstream. Mainstream gamers generate more $$$ than hardcore gamers. Not really that hard of a concept.

@8-bit- Unless uve spent at least 5-6 hours playing the FINAL version of Kinect...ur making yourself look incredibly stupid right now.

Also, I don't think you understand that Kinect isn't meant for 1:1 tracking, its meant to track limbs. Don't sit here and pretend that casual gamers give a crap about 1:1 tracking when most of them don't even know what 1:1 tracking is.

You don't NEED 1:1 tracking to enjoy a motion game. Want proof? Look at the Wii. Ur extremely delusional. You take the "screw this I'm not interested" approach instead of the "wait and see" approach.

8-bit2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

They are trying to find any celebrity they can to endorse their product so that every one knows that it exists. The problem is, they are trying to sell you the "IDEA" of playing games without controllers when the truth is that the product falls short on our expectations. Kinect is glitchy and doesn't work properly. It is a side step from waggle controls. At least move took a step forward in accuracy and 1:1 tracking.

You can all me a hater and I wouldn't disagree with you. Until I see something worth raising an eyebrow over, I will remain on this side of the fence. As far as I am concerned Kinect's market has nothing to do with gamers, they are going after a purely casual and family oriented crowd.

The worst part is that it WILL sell like crazy and all of the box fans will brag "SALES SALES SALES" "Move Fails to see these sales!" As a gamer, sales don't directly affect me but what does are the games that I play. Give me 1:1 any day over casual gimmicks.

visualb2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

thats all I'm sayin'

not that Kinect doesn't "work", it does some things right...but TBH what i've seen, it shouldn't be released yet =/

MURKERR2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

we all know its severley limited and so do microsoft (why do you think soo much is being spent on advertising?)but your average joe,is going to get pestered by his/hers kids to purchase one due to the advertising which if you actually watch you hardly see any gameplay just the people .

very smart

8-bit2778d ago

"we all know its severley limited but your average joe,is going to get pestered by his/hers kids to purchase one due to the advertising which if you actually watch you hardly see any gameplay just the people."

That is what's wrong here. You can polish a turd and market it as gold.

Dee_912778d ago

and 5 million disapointed tweens and housewives lol

logikil2778d ago

And this is how MS will sell a ton of Kinect for the Holiday's. Oprah and Ellen are mom shows. Mom's will watch it and it will persuade them to purchase. If MS is smart they will showcase Dance Central, particularly on the Ellen show since she is all about the dancing. I got another shot at Kinect at the MS store in Denver, and my daughter had blast with Dance Central. Also, the demo itself never failed to draw attention, whether it be while playing volleyball, bowling, table tennis, Dance Central, etc. I don't want to make any predictions about the success or failure of Kinect, but signs would indicate its going to do okay at the very least. I'll be getting one for the kids.

Mr_Bun2778d ago

What's next...the View? I don't recall Gears or Halo getting this kind of treatment. Maybe because those games didn't need it.

logikil2778d ago

Really? Gears and Halo don't need promotion of this type because they are core gamer games and we will have known about them at least a year in advance. Why would there be any need for the same kind of promotion? Kinect is being aimed at the family/casual gamer. You know, those weird people that we see walking around everyday that don't spend every waking moment arguing about console sales, 3D gaming, which shooter is better, etc. Yeah those people. They aren't reading N4G everyday so there has to be a way to get information about Kinect to them. This will do that. And I will bet you one thing right now. Ellen and Oprah are famous for show giveaways. I will bet soup to nuts that each show gives away either Kinect or a Kinect bundle to the audience members. That's almost a certainty. Now that's word of mouth advertising for you.

Dee_912778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

its good to know the kids will have fun with it but i just cant see myself paying $150 for something that has a hand full of games
i was planning buying my nephew and niece a Move and kinect
but i feel like im wasting alot of money on something they will only play 4 or 5 times
hopefully they will announce more games for kinect before christmas ... or her birthday atleast lol

number472778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I'm convinced all of you aren't gamers, and aren't even respectable human beings.

Giving Microsoft props for pulling wool over the eyes of the consumer with Beiber & Oprah is sad. It could be a ball & cup as far as you're concerned. I mean what really is the difference between a ball and cup and Kinect? Outside of the ball & Cup actually working. Kinect was already going to sell well, regardless if it actually works.

Its like being happy that everyone invested into Balloon Mortgage loans.

The only people on earth that benefit from M$ is M$. They spent 500 million on commercials rather than dedicating any resources to the Xbox360. Goooo MS.

ABizzel12778d ago

Spend that money, spend, spend that money.

Spend that money, spend, spend that money.

lowcarb2778d ago

"The only people on earth that benefit from M$ is M$."
Yes and so does Sony and so on. MS is a business remember that.

"They spent 500 million on commercials rather than dedicating any resources to the Xbox360. Goooo MS."

And just how do you know where all of there money is going? Games are coming don't worry.

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N4PS3G2778d ago


like they care lol

CrawFail2778d ago

I know. Sad isn't it?

If the shoe was on the other foot they'd be having a field day.

silvacrest2778d ago

and do you no why? because sony or nintendo would only make kinect when its up to snuff

i'll five MS props for knowing where to spend that marketing cash though

RageAgainstTheMShine2778d ago

and screw the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Olbermann2778d ago

Oprah: "You can get this amazing device for only $150 this Christmas"
MS spokesman: " just need to buy the 360 add-on"
Oprah: "How much is that again?"
Spokesman: "$150 or $200 more"
Old women chuckle.

stuna12778d ago

I'm not so sure it's about the games anymore! This seems more like a means to an end. The more I think about it, the more things just don't sit right with me. Has anyone heard of the crvtv? It's kind of like a monitoring station with the use of camera serveilence put to curve violence & crimes, but it gives uninvited access to private locations also, which can be a magor drawback with the technology seeing that it has a infrared camera & motion detector as part of the camera setup. This is not only directed at kinects, but also at the move setup. All I'm saying is be careful of what you allow in your home, and if you do allow it in your home, take the necessary precautions. Like unplugging when not in use.

Dee_912778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

hell yea
my psEye is in a box when i dont use it
and believe it or not i heard that even when your phone is off they can hear you unless you take the battery out.
And these new cars with that OnStar crap
I was driving my sis car and i went to pick up a friend OnStar sent her an email telling her an unknown person was in the car.. and the only way they can know that is if there are cameras in there lol
I dont trust that crap

Anon19742778d ago

I can't wait till XBL is filled with trash talking, bored housewives. Microsoft has struck gold!

Dee_912778d ago

shits gonna b epic
i might get a new xbox just for that reason
and my xbl tag will be Cougar_Lover_90
so they will know im legal

Keith Olbermann2778d ago

Come back to earth my friend. Real life would welcome you.

Scary692778d ago

Another way for MS to push their Piece of shit hardware. Watch at 2:01

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Zir02778d ago

MS definitely is not messing around when it comes to Kinect, these features alone will sell 1ml Kinects.

Dylantalon12778d ago

Where are the previews of gaming sites and journalists demoing kinect? Why is it always celebrities and Microsoft pr touting about how it works amazingly in their controlled environment.

Ps. The talon stands for talented

Hands Up For Games2778d ago

Everytime I read 'The talon stands for talented' I laugh, but not in a good way.

SpideyNut2778d ago

He's not just "talented" (or is it "talonted"...I'm confused?)....he's "special". ;)

ElementX2778d ago

LOL Dylan, you're too funny..

PS ElementX is a combination of 5th Element and Power Puff Girls' Chemical X

KillerPwned2778d ago ....god

Grab your boomsticks because the darkness is coming all men shall stand together against these women!

plb2778d ago

I guess xbox users can look forward to gaming on Live with a bunch of middle aged housewives now.

Zezo2778d ago

this is so hardcore!!!