Gran Turismo 5 will be ready when it's ready

Sarcastic Gamer: I’ll admit I spat out my metaphorical coffee in disbelief last week when it was announced that Gran Turismo 5 was delayed yet again.

Oh cliché of clichés! A game in third place to Duke Nukem Forever and Starcraft II in the Seriously, Release This Game Already, It’s Been A Friggin’ Eternity charts, GT5‘s latest delay — to “in time for the Holiday season” rather than the November 2nd date announced at E3 has been pinned on a number of things from it simply not being ready to a breach of the second-to-last PS3 firmware update. And y’know what? That’s fine by me.

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VersusEM2896d ago

hopefully in a couple of months

Thabo2896d ago

Didn't they say that about DNF?

Dee_912896d ago

they didnt start workiing on GT5 immediately after GT4 ps3 came out 06 took them atleast a year to make a new engine released Demos / Short Full game and a psp version
I could understand this type of talk if they were planning on releasing in 2011 or 2012
but 3 years for a game that suppose to define an entire generation of sim racers doesn't seem that long
the wait between GT4 and GT5 seems long but you gotta understand the PS2 and PS3 is different
Kaz said it him self that the wait for GT6 will not be near as long because they already know how to work on the ps3

ExplosionSauce2896d ago

That's what they said.
I don't trust the title nor the website.

Mr Tretton2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Dmarc, GT4? I think you mean GT5 prologue. Which is just the build of 5 at the time. GT5 has technically been in development for nearly 6 years.

ExplosionSauce2896d ago

Didn't the GT5 project start after GTHD?

Dee_912895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

^^ i heard after gt5p
maybe hd im not sure
but why people making it seem like its been in development before the ps3 even came out is beyond me

@ mr tretton i dont understand what you are talking about and how its been in development before the ps3 came out

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36T2896d ago

Sounds like Playstation owners should prepare to be shafted again with another delay.

Boody-Bandit2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Gears 3, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2, Too Human, etc.. Oh and let's not forget Splinter Cell Conviction. It was not only delayed but scraped, thrown out the window and rebuilt from scratch. Delays have always been part of the industry. As long as they are justified (fixing bugs, glitches or adding features and options) I don't mind them.

Oh and BTW, GT5 was only delayed once and this one was the once. The first offical release date was 11/10 and none of us know what the new date is yet. I find it hard to believe it will make it out in 11/10 still but I am hoping it at least hits retail before 2011. If not I will find other games to fill the void but I am really looking forward to playing GT5 ASAP and in a bad way!

EvilBlackCat2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

and then the sdf loyalist trow a party because of that and then... boooooooooom

GT5 delayed

karma is a bitch.

"Oh and BTW, GT5 was only delayed once. This time."

mmm... and what about of those famous list about ps3 exclusive to be released in 2008, 2009, 2010 here in n4g?

RetroReborn2896d ago

fanboy shit aside its a shame BOTH these games got delayed, im looking forward to both but i can wait, theres plenty of multis spread through the next 6 months to make the wait shorter.

Ilikegames762896d ago

Karma's a b*tch, 360 is going casual and you have nothing to play.

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morkendo232896d ago

they are saying GT5 will be released dec. 26th .. do that mean PD going for black friday sales?? maximum sales to make up for these delays??

tacosRcool2896d ago

Better late then never!

Would rather see it fully baked than half baked since I don't like to constantly update the game every time I want to play it

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Halochampian2896d ago

I still cant believe it was delayed again. More so shocked that it happened so close to release date.

Oh well. Gives me more time to recover from my recent spending spree.

maxcer2896d ago

well it looks like gt6 wont make it out until the ps4 or ever

SKullDugger2896d ago

This was the first delay Nov 2nd was the first release date that was set by SONY.. All others were just rumors.

KillerPwned2896d ago

Just come out in either Nov or Dec and no one will have to get hurt. lol

PS3ROCKS2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I gave up and pre order NFS Hot Pursuit.

sprayNpray2896d ago

Do they realize the bar they've set for themselves? If this game releases with a SINGLE major bug people should get their money back, no game should take this long to produce and if this game isn't "perfect" when it releases then people aren't gonna give 2 sh**s about it.

KillerPwned2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

yeah they really set the bar high for themselves i honestly think they want to do that tho to push themselves harder then ever before. PD only does GT that is it. This is their baby just trust in them they are going to do everything in their power to make this as close to perfect as possible. Because we all know nothing can ever be perfect. Years down the road they will surpass GT5 with GT6!

We are not talking about 3D realms that just sat around and did nothing with their game. These men (Polyphony Digital) do work really hard they take the development of games to a hole new level.

maxcer2896d ago

"Years down the road they will surpass GT5 with GT6"

unfortunately only our grandkids will be the only ones alive to play it

Def Warrant2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I fear this will be the major tool for bias reviewers to wreck havoc on GT5. This just gives them a reason to nitpick it to death.

Retarded reviewer: ooh...ohh i found a glitch guys.

Biased media: Nice find son! That's -1 for every glitch we come across.

gamer81792896d ago

It doesn't matter how buggy or how many gliches it has. Everyone on here will claim its the best game ever. If someone gives it a review of 9 or lower, they will be called a 360 fanboy. If sells charts show its not selling very good. They will claim it inaccurate, or Microsoft paid them to show lower numbers

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