Visceral making a Command & Conquer game

Visceral Games is creating a Command & Conquer title, the studio’s confirmed to Gamasutra.

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Letros2647d ago

Wise decision getting a different team behind CnC, hopefully it's Generals 2.

AntoineDcoolette2647d ago

Now I wonder if its a TPS, FPS, or RTS : / Dead space team seems like they can handle environments well enough it should probably one one of the first two options

Letros2647d ago

You may be right, few devs can really handle a successful RTS game(see Relic and Blizzard), the amount of balancing required is astronomical, and when there's SC2 in the market, it is often futile to try to compete.

TheBand1t2647d ago

I wouldn't mind another cnc FPS. Maybe they're working on that supposedly cancelled one, Tiberium?

Quagmire2647d ago

Wait, where's my sequel to Dante's Inferno?