Can Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Return The Franchise To Its Glory Days?

The Need for Speed series, in spite of the recent increasingly poorly met and unremarkable installments, remains one of the most prolific and influential racing game series of all time. However, with recent entries to the once hallowed franchise like Undercover, ProStreet and Nitro, one begins to wonder if the franchise has simply lost its way. It’s not as if EA hasn’t tried to bring it back on track, though- in the years following the superbly successful Need for Speed Underground series of games (which includes both the Underground games, Most Wanted and Carbon), EA attempted to mix things up and reboot the formula several times, by attempting to returning to realism (ProStreet), then to a storied underground racing based scene (Undercover), to both, arcade and realism (Nitro and Shift). None of them really worked out well at all.

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tacosRcool2775d ago

Yes it can and it will rock

Rob Hornecker2775d ago

I agree,it will ROCK! I also agree with the author inreguards that the last few NFS titles left much to be wanted. With this return to it roots ( anyone one remember playing the PS NFS hot pursuit? ) this should bring the franchise back to the top of its game!

I will be looking forward to its release in November!

Call_me_Ishmael2775d ago

need for speed hot pursuit was one of the first games i bought with my ps2
along with a shooter,i barely even touched the shooter i mostly spend my hours on hot pursuit and felt really happy and impressed at that time,i just hope
they can give me the felling that i used to have,instead of the boring and
intestinal distress that nfs undercover gave me.