US retailers running out of Kinect pre-orders

TVGB: "US gamers wishing to own Kinect on day one may need to get a move on; retailers may not soon be able to make a day 1 availability guarantee. Not even to those who pre-order."

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Zir02856d ago

Kinect will be the must have Xmas gift this year. When the marketing blitz starts things will get even crazier.

MURKERR2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

it is going to be BIG you wont be able to miss it

also 500 million will be spent on advertising W7 phone, thats a BILLION dollars in total,imagine the first party studios they could have got for that?

microsoft are not playing, i can see kinect being the must have gadget this christmas through pure hype in advertising,my avatar says it all....ruthless

deadreckoning6662856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Yep, its gunna be big indeed. Hopefully, my local Bestbuy ill have a kiosk so I can try it out.

Dlacy13g2856d ago

For both move and kinect.... was pretty interesting to see. Probably even funnier was that nobody was at either one.

Neckbear2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

...The death of gaming as we knew it has begun.

Games won't be about great titles on the minds of developers, nor original IPs. They will be from now on party games like being ON A BOAT, DANCING, OR WAVING YOUR ARMS LIKE YOU WERE IN KINDERGARTEN.

These will be sad years for gaming, indeed...

Dlacy13g2856d ago

OMG... enough with this end of the gaming world nonsense. Great games are still going to be coming. Sony is still churning out some great games that are mature, hardcore and not all about "motion control". MS like wise has gone on record saying the gaming pad isn't going anywhere. Gears of War 3 is a prime example of a hardcore, non-motion game that MS is totally going to get behind. They didnt push it to holiday for no reason. Its going to be their flag ship holiday 2011 game.

Motion controls have certainly changed the landscape of gaming, but they certainly are not killing it.

Megaton2856d ago

I'm moving back to PC gaming. I thought I'd be able to ride it out until the next generation before doing that, but I don't think I can. I just look at the direction console gaming is going in and I shake my head.

I guess Sony's got a great year ahead of them with a cornucopia of exclusive core games, but Microsoft's going hog wild with their motion cam. If they're spending half a billion dollars on advertising, you can bet your ass their prime focus for 2011 is going to be this nonsensical device from gaming's past.

This is what I always feared about the Wii's success, and it's coming to fruition almost exactly as I had imagined it.

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Dizko2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I have to say, while I'm not big on motion controls, at least Kienct isn't the same thing as Wii, unlike the Move.

I am however surprised it's this popular.

Nathaniel_Drake2856d ago

It's the eyetoy, so what now?

Man_of_the_year2856d ago

Eyetoy tracks in 3D? Eyetoy tracks 20 seperate individual points on the human body?

If so then yes Kinect is very much like eyetoy...if not, then clearly Kinect and Eyetoy's only similarity is that they are both using camera's.

Ramzadel please stop trying to spread ignorance and misinformation. Thanks. Be apart of the solution rather than apart of the problem.

seann2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago ) of the year. that is an excellent comment.

SillySundae2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I think what Ramzadel was pointing out is that:

If Dizko says that Move is the same thing as the Wii. It is like saying Kinect is the same thing as PS eye. (Remember he was just replying to someone making a claim)

But if we'll use YOUR logic (which to me makes more sense):

- Can Wii support augmented reality?
- Can Wii support 1:1 3D Tracking?
- Can Wii support HD games?
- Can Wii support dual motion controller games?
- Does the Wii have accelerometers, grav sensors, and gyros to send back it's location if the sensor got covered.
- Does Wii have the precision of Move?

... then we will both arrive at the conclusion that:
- Move is NOT = Wii
- Kinect is NOT = PS Eye

cause they are both better versions and technologies compared to their predecessors.

What I'm saying is that:
IF you'll apply the same logic to compare them with their predecessors
... you can't say one of them is a copy and the other is not (and vice-versa) .

Nathaniel_Drake2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

@Silly Sundae

Yeah that is the argument I was making, but Zapp Branigan here obviously is going to go into details which I already know.
He is essentially saying Kinect is a new technology and it has never been done before. So I am actually spreading right information. READ before typing please.

Man_of_the_year please stop trying to spread your dense babbling. Thanks. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. =p

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abi9802856d ago ShowReplies(3)
Simco8762856d ago

Another article about pre-orders.... :(

Boring N4G!

CraigUK2856d ago

Game retailers are pushing it. Every time I go into a shop to buy a game, I am always asked if i want to pre-order it, they have signs up everywhere and they use words and phrases like - "Are you sure, you are going to want it later in the year and you wont be able to get it".

I dont know why they are pushing it so hard, maybe they are getting some sort of bonus for getting preorders on it.

radphil2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

It's not a bonus, it's marketing.

Nintendo does it, Sony does it, Microsoft does it, other companies do it.

It's just that Microsoft's intent this holiday times is to push Kinect like crazy. It's not if a product is entirely good or anything, it's more so of pushing the customer's influence to buy it.

It worked in the past, and it'll still work today. Those of us that can make up our own minds however, need a lot more influence to persuade into getting products.

shadyiswin2856d ago

My gf quit gamestop from low pay and she made the most there, you get bonuses for making a quota with pre orders, her being a hour ass girl was able to get tons of pre orders on wrestling games and zelda. They put a ton of pressure on people to make pre orders. If you dont get alot they cut your hours for some one who does, just business. She was only bringing home slightly over $200 a week, they try to make it enticing by allowing you to rent games for free. I had her quit and find a better job and we have gamefly now :)

radphil2856d ago


Well yea, for some of those things, not all though.

The normal grunts don't see a lick of that bonus. :p

Plus that whole hours thing isn't a bonus to me, but a cheap way for them to seep money away from the workers. =\

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