Farmville - Just Click, Stupid

"I came, I clicked and I gave up. At the risk of offending the legions of happy cow clickers, if FarmVille is the best social gaming has to offer, then the future is one too many clicks away."

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pat_11_52863d ago

I've never played FarmVille, I probably never will ever. It's just not a game I'm interested in.

tacosRcool2862d ago

just looks plain retarded

CombineElite2862d ago

Farmville to me is the new Solitaire. anybody with something even remotely close to a PC can log on and play Farmville just like millions of people do with Solitaire and Minesweeper and they even play Farmville while at work.

84 Million people actively play Farmville.

Is it fun and exciting? I don't know I never play it but the girl in the cubicle next to me is playing it right now.

TheSleepyGamer2863d ago

I've seen non-gamers such as my mother become addicted to this peculiar and pointless game. I see it as a watered down Sims with cows.

pat_11_52862d ago

I always thought it was like Harvest Moon, I used to be obsessed with that game. I think Natsume should sue:P

kornbeaner2862d ago

Sounds like animal crossing which I played about 7 years ago. Just don't get it.

gmensah2862d ago

the makers of Farm Town should def sue Zynga, hell anyone on facebook should sue Zynga for the way they spam walls and illegally share personal info with marketers.

pat_11_52860d ago

Harvest Moon is totally identical to that game.