Netflix Goes Discless On Wii First

TGH Writes: "Want to watch the latest episode of Family Guy? You don’t have an Xbox and you lost your Wii disc? So guess what. Today is your lucky day!"

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Raoh2858d ago

the app has been ready on the ps3 since early late last night.. used it this morning

ipwnall2857d ago

This. And tell me when the Wii can handle HD.

Zachmo1822857d ago

Most stuff on netflix isn't HD anyways so quit your bitching!!!

Dave13512857d ago

ive enjoyed watching every season of the office in HD :P

Shang-Long2857d ago

zachmo... comment fail of the day

guitarded772857d ago

The article is wrong, but I don't care, 'cause now I got disc free streaming on my XBOX, PS3 and Wii... cout << "KICK ASS!!!!!!!";

BattleAxe2857d ago

Netflix has been discless in Canada since it was released 2 weeks ago on PS3.

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sickbird2857d ago


hell yea me too dude just finished season 6 today!! all in beautiful HD.

antt32857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Wow, talk about your "non-news" news. The article should have been about the PS3 *and* Wii getting disc-less Netflix apps, but instead they had to go for the "controversial" title for hits.

On a side note, I've streamed Netflix from my 360 and Ps3, and the disc honestly never bothered me. i mean, you still have to put a disc in to play a game or watch a blu-ray, so what's the difference? Having said that, it's of course good to have the app with streamlined features.

mindedone2857d ago

and by common gamer, I mean me.

siliticx2857d ago

beat you to the punch, ive had this for more than a month..IN CANADA

Rumbanana2857d ago

Enjoy your "blockbusters"... I'm going back to watch some Dexter...

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thebudgetgamer2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


simmer down.



Trizard2857d ago

you're 2nd grade spelling means bubbles down but your point meas an agree from me.

B_Rian892857d ago

....says the guy who spells "your" "you're"

guitarded772857d ago

So... you're gonna bubble down thebudgetgamer (a productive member of the n4g community) while you're a trainee noob? You best watch yourself around these parts.

jeeves862857d ago

"Your," and "you're" are not interchangeable. As well as "witch" and "which."

I don't get how articles like this can heat up so quickly. I guess potential writers need to take a course in flame-bait terminology. I wonder if they teach classes on that? Because for some people it seems to be a fucking art.

Absinthetic2857d ago

if you want to nit pick who got the netflix app first

its still the ps3 since it was made available in canada about a month ago

but im sure somone will come along to move the goal posts so that "wii got it first" becomes true

Silly gameAr2857d ago

Awesome that it's on the Wii too, but what does the headline mean by first?

saint_john_paul_ii2857d ago

its someone being a fanboy. they think that the PS3 netflix app came in later, when it actually didnt.

dougr2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I've been watching Netflix on my Computer without a disc for quite some time, and about four months on my Samsung T.V. It's about time my PS3 goes disc-less. I really like that my ps3 is going to be disc-less now, because I hate using my computer to watch movies, and my T.V. will only get a max 3mbs it seems every time I do a speed test on it. Now instead of T.V. app for convenience I can just turn on the ps3.

thebudgetgamer2857d ago

as my disck drive recently went south.

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