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DontShoot-Me-Bro2830d ago


This is looking great!


Did that Zombie of 2:04 dodge the bullets?

kvg882830d ago

this just may be the best Yakuza game ever lol

visualb2830d ago

will it be like 2 in one? like a normal story with a zombie story? or will it be linked?

or is the normal part just mini games?

looks great either way! =3

Cloudberry2830d ago

If you're asking about the multi-player / co-op part, there's no confirmation about that just yet.

It could be just single-player with computer controlled for other character.

Def Warrant2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago ) ain't playing. Can we get a working link?

Edit: Cheers Valay :)

Valay2830d ago


People really need to actually check out the submission before they approve them...

SpideyNut2830d ago

...EVERYBODY is hopping on the zombie-mode bandwagon. That's just embarrassing, for a franchise like Yakuza ; it's painfully obvious they're trying to attract more of the Western demographic.


Lets face it the west always complains about zombies yet we always gobble it up... Yakuza was always a nice series but since the trranslations sucked and there were no guns... nobody buys it... well now that this is coming I for one will buy it because it looks more fun than Dead rising on the ps3... whicth was a terrible xbox port. I well be picking this one up day one!

Redempteur2829d ago

the translation of Y3 and Y2 was accurate ... and there are guns in yakuza games ...

TANUKI2830d ago

So what if Yakuza does? I don't see you trolling other articles (like RDR) that also jumped on the zombie-mode bandwagon.

criticalkare2830d ago

Yeah, video ain't working

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The story is too old to be commented.