Medal of Honour: Airborne - demo impressions

Medal of Honour: Airborne is a standard World War II shooter that has a nifty take on the genre. What separates this game from its peers is the fact that during the opening of missions and in this case "Infinite Mischief" players are able to drop down into the fight and land pretty much anywhere in the battlefield. This means players can plan their attacks and make the dangerous choice as to where they are going to start and finish the fight! The demo thrusts you into a mission where you have to take out several well guarded anti aircraft guns and as Travers it's your job to get in there and help the other troops complete these objectives.

Wayne and Rob of MSXbox World take a look at the recently released demo to see whether EA's World War II shooter can potentially take the crown for the best WWII inspired shooter.

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BIadestarX4076d ago

I was very impressed with this demo. I though this game was going to suck... graphically.... Better than COD3.... very smooth. I am buying this game when it comes out... I am a big tired of WW2 games.. but this game... convinced me to kick some more German @$$.

sak5004075d ago

You played it on ps3 or 360 ? LOL

ThaGeNeCySt4076d ago

This is easily the best MOH i've ever had the pleasure of playing... i thought COD2 would have been the last WWII game I was interested in, but this brought me back... I can't land parachuting for nothing but it's a nice addition.. if every/most levels start off with parachuting.. it'll add a variety to how every level starts off... i've died twice so far and parachuting to different drop zones yield different results.. if you land where you're supposed to, you'll be with your allies and it'll be easier... if you land where a lot of enemies are, you'll be pinned and have to fight your way out.

The graphics are nice, it looks like it's powered by UE3... seems to be locked at a VERY steady 30 fps.. motion blur makes everything seem cinematic..

for those of you who are used to the Call of Duty control scheme, i suggest using Controller Scheme 2

I don't know if this was present in COD3 (didn't care to play it) but there's a nice cover system in MOH:A.. it's not as crisp as say Rainbow Six: Vegas or GRAW or GOW... but it's a nice lean feature where you can duck behind cover and, hold left trigger to zoom aim & lean left, right, and over whatever you're hiding behind..

I might actually buy this game... demo almost has me sold.. i'll have to finish playing through this to see.

Mikey_Gee4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

After the pre-release review of 6/10 I figured I would download the demo not expecting much. Now, I didn't even get through the demo yet fully but have to say ... well ... I do actually like it. Like others said, still on the fence if I will buy it till I know more about Multiplayer, but it is much more in the green and less in the red on my list than before.

Only issue is I find it hard to kill Germans. Even with my sites beeded on his head, still after many shots at times they do not go down.

If you haven't yet .... try the demo.

jwatt4076d ago

After I downloaded the demo and stated to play it, the graphics started to look all weird. All of a sudden my video stoped working, all I can hear is the sound. I don't know if was the actual demo or that it was bound to happen but now I have to send my 360 off. I have to hurry, I got a month before Halo3. I think I still might pick up MOH because I didn't hear of anybody else having the same problem I had with the demo.

Ri0tSquad4076d ago

Lol I am 100% sure that you are not alone there are tons of Xbox 360s sent in to M$ about 30-40 every week.

jwatt4076d ago

I just called the number to get it repaired, he told me to see if I can have a friend bring his video cords over to make sure it's my console and not the cords that our messed up. I really hope it's my cords but if not he said they would repair my 360. I just hope it doesn't take so long.

Ri0tSquad4076d ago

They give you a free power brick(worth 100 bucks)and a free 1 month subscription to xbox live.

Ri0tSquad4076d ago

It just helped me avoid this garbage. This game sucks only game im excited for thats by EA is Crysis on the PC.

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