TSA | Why We Can’t Give Super Meat Boy A Review Score

Alex C of TSA writes "I’m all for a challenge. I grew up with the Spectrum and could quite happily dedicate hours trying to beat Airwolf or Jet Set Willy, no problem. But Super Meat Boy? Wow, this game is a tough one, and, as I tried in vain to complete the game in time for this morning’s review embargo, I decided that it’s probably too tough for me. I’m beaten, like a tenderised lump of cold steak. It’s an odd admission to make, but it’s an important one when you’re trying to review a game because if you can’t reach the end in enough time, it’s probably unfair to throw a score at the end, right?"

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DelbertGrady2858d ago

Although I think this game is probably awesome in all thinkable ways I probably won't pick it up because I have a strong feeling the difficulty level would have me end up in fetal position laughing hysterically.