Warhawk Needs 800MB: PSN and Blu-Ray Versions

For many, one of the reasons for investing in the purchase of the Blu-Ray disc version of Warhawk was to save the 800MB space on their hard drive. It's now been confirmed by Jags71 on the PS3Forums, an IGN Contest participant whom recieved his copy of the game early, that the Blu-Ray version "will place a 789MB cache file onto your hard drive similar to the file resistance places on your drive to reduce loading times. You CANNOT boot your copy from this cache file. You will need to place the disc into the ps3 to play the game."

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ALI-G3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

will it has better load time than the BR version ?

@blow:thanks for the info, if the BR version instal 800MB than that mean it will almost instal the full game in the harddrive=this explain both games haveing identical load time

Meus Renaissance3706d ago

The loading time of both versions will be the same according to the developers. The downloadable version will probably be between 800-900MB if memory serves me right.

Douche3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Does anyone know what the name of the Bluetooth headset is? Like what model it is? 'Cause I need a headset but I'd prefer to download the PSN version of Warhawk if the mic isn't what it's cracked up to be. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Playstation360, I think I'm just gonna DL Warhawk in the end though. That way I can always boot it up on the fly. Maybe even make my money back and more by sharing it with my friends. I read up on the Jabra BT125 and it looks pretty good for a beginner model. It's a little basic and sorta cheap. But the Jabra JX10 looks pretty sporty. And according to hundreds of people who've reviewed it, it's first rate and a sure buy. The retail is like $179, but I found them real cheap on Amazon for only $70. I'm gonna save up for that and recommend others to take that route. Can't wait for midnight tomorrow. I'm going wired with my PS3 to insure I get it downloaded. See you guys online.

PlayStation3603706d ago

It's a Jabra BT125 Headset. Reviews say it's a rather good entry level headset.

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TheExecutive3706d ago

ok so its the same as the beta... it will still take me forever to download lol.

doshey3706d ago

yep u and the 2 million people who want it too

hazeblaze3706d ago

Not only that, but those with the hard copy of the game will be able to delete the cache file whenever they need to free up space. Whereas, you can only delete the downloaded copy 4 times or you lose it for good.

Danielson3706d ago

same here, faster loads, there is nothing bad with that

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carlman233706d ago

"For many, one of the reasons for investing in the purchase of the Blu-Ray disc version of Warhawk was to save the 800MB space on their hard drive."

Do people really worry about installing 800 MB of data on a 20 gig minimum sized HD?

doshey3706d ago

ya and if u run out of space buy a bigger one

TheExecutive3706d ago

The most likely answer is: no.

Ri0tSquad3706d ago

very cheap compared to 360s

Siesser3706d ago

I have the 60 gig, and had to delete some stuff to make room for the Folklore Demo (why did I still have the F1 demo on there?). I agree, either make space, or just get a larger hard drive. I intend to do the latter eventually, but for now, I'm content with just manipulating and migrating things.

sak5003706d ago

LOL, probably used compression first time on a ps3 game. Most games out on ps3 would probably fit on a DVD5 if compression is used.

LeonSKennedy4Life3706d ago

I don't think that's true at all. Insomniac said they compressed Resistance like CRAZY to make it only 21 gigs. I'm pretty sure that's true...especially with every single part of the environment being rendered fully...not pictures. The whole background is moving in real-time and different things happen every time you play. While it doesn't LOOK incredible, it definitely PLAYS incredibly and it's a great experience.

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