Ripten Review: Medal of Honor

Bryce Wilson of RipTen Gaming Blog: "Whilst the game launched amidst poor reviews, negative publicity and a whole lot of speculation, it goes on to shine through as one of the best examples of a realistic and immersive shooter campaign in recent times, and gives an amazing jolt of life to one of the best and most established franchises in gaming."

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Drjft2828d ago

Enjoyable game that I'd recommend to everyone that enjoys a challenge in gaming.

frankymv2828d ago

I'm enjoying MOH. I think people are bashing it for not being more like COD. MOH is simply a very different game. It does not have that hollywood blockbuster type feel. It has a more intimate feel. Will I be geting black ops? Absolutely. Will I enjoy MOH till then? Definitely. My only knock on the game is that snipers tend to dominate the game. Many times games will feel like a snipefest.

Drjft2828d ago

I agree about the sniping. They need to have class limitation numbers similar to Day of Defeat.

vicious69832828d ago

Nice review. Seems to be a pretty good game just not spectacular

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