Job Listing Causes Further Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360 Speculation

Kotaku: "At the 2008 gaming expo in Los Angeles, Square Enix dropped a bombshell: Final Fantasy XIII, previously believed to be a PS3 exclusive, was headed for the Xbox 360. Could the same be in store for Final Fantasy Versus XIII?"

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plb2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Sigh. So much for a proper FF game exclusive to PS3. Another gimp job incoming from SE. So I take it Xbox version will have 5 discs this time around.

theonlylolking2898d ago will have OVER 9000 DISCS!!!!!!


LoVeRSaMa2898d ago

If the gimp it ofc.

Tbh its not even really about that, its the fact they are lying to us.

RBLAZE19882898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

It says "360 OR ps3" not and...that's cause most games play the same on either console so a battle planner who worked on a 360 title can be hired to work on a ps3 exclusive. Man joketaku really know how to rile you guys up and get hits. Nowhere in the description does it say anything about coding for the 360 idk why everyone would lose there minds over this...oh yea it's kotaku the most unprofessional site ever. They are looking for a battle planner with experience working on a next gen hd console chill out guys i think it will stay exclusive...if square enix knows what's good for their company.

Reibooi2898d ago

Just because it says they are looking for someone with 360 experience doesn't mean a thing. You have to remember that if someone is hired they are not gonna just fire them when the project is over. They are gonna have them work on other projects.

If the person they hire has experience with both PS3 and 360 in the future they will be more useful as they can help out with more then just PS3 exclusive projects.

To be honest I think this will stay exclusive. When FFXIII was announced it was said to be exclusive but that was more by announcement from the trailer no one was asking over and over. However with VS people are asking over and over and every time Nomura gives the same answer. Not to mention Nomura is in charge of the project and he is a known Sony supporter. As well as the fact that Versus looks to be outdoing XIII in every way and with XIII needing cuts because of the 360 it's common sense to keep the game exclusive to not have to suffer through that again.

Theonik2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Not this again... They are asking with people that have HD console experience. For a battle planner listing there is no reason to have console specific experience but having experience in the development of current gen games is a must. Also notice that the listing asks for someone with experience with either of the 2 systems. Honestly this is getting ridiculous...
It's what Reibooi said.

vsr2898d ago

Official announcement only for PS3.

Darrius Cole2898d ago

It won't have over 9000 discs; it will have over 9000 CUTS.

MachinaMaw2898d ago

I'll rape SE if it's on 360.

DatNJDom812898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I think square enix will make it a multiplat. They might release the PS3 version first, then announce the xbox version a couple of months after the PS3 release, a la mass effect. I could be wrong (as a matter of fact, I hope I'm wrong), but they're are not the same company that gave me Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6 (the best one), 7, 8, 10. Those were the best ones in my opinion. square, you must have gotten retarded with all that money, just like Cloud did in FF7. Hopefully, you'll get some sense knocked back into you. The only way that will happen is if the fans DONT support you when you do dumb shit. Like release a gimped game. I aint buy 13 and if versus goes multiplat, I wont buy it either. You guys had an outstanding reputation and you shitted on it for money. As a true fan, I wont support you till you find yourselves. And by finding yourselves I dont mean by touching yourselves.

Black-Helghast2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Screw this game, I'm tired of SE lying to us. If you guys wanna buy the game and keep belieaving the lies from SE, fine. I would die rather then to buy another SE game. EVEN IF THEY RELEASE KH3 I WON'T BUY IT. Yup that's right. MGSR was painfull, FF13 Was a DISSASTER Thanks to de 360 and now this? I'm trading in my copy of Kane & Lynch. Vote me down do w/e you want. I ain't buying another SE for being such lying douches...

Sheddi2898d ago

I cant be bothered with this game anymore. Dont really care

rockleex2898d ago

Yup, the Sony owned subsidiary is going multiplatform with Uncharted 3 too. Confirmed and all that.

Bloody rubbish.

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Keith Olbermann2898d ago

They havent given me anything lately. They want your money..thats about it.

velcry2898d ago

as someone who grew up...

... sneaking around at 2 am in the morning just to play a bit more FF7 without getting caught by my parents...

... arguing non-stop with my friends over how the Junction system in FF8 was actually pretty good...

... rushing through to the end on FF9 just to see if monkeyboy gets the princess...

... dropping my jaw when I first saw the opening cinematics of FFX on a friend's PS2, and then rushing out to get my own...


... playing FFX-2 and thinking, hey, where did the magic go...

... plodding through FFXII before realizing that every single character was essentially the same, once you pumped them up equally...

... hoping, craving, desiring FFXIII so much it hurt, and then playing through it to realize it was just so very underwhelming...

I've learnt that perhaps the golden age of Square-Enix, for me, is over. I think nostalgia is adding a hint of greatness to the FF franchise that might not even be there anymore.

I think when FF Versus XIII comes I'll play it, but I'm no longer hoping it'll be the ONE SINGLE GAME that justifies my PS3.

Cause that was supposed to be FFXIII, and boy, Yoichi Wada, I really, really think you did Square-Enix more harm than you can imagine.

MsmackyM2898d ago

I feel like a junky, chasing that high FF7 left me with, only to be disappointed time and time again. I'm not going to even comment on the failure that was FF13. Well I guess SE is into watering down there product in order to make stretch.

blackbeld2898d ago


I total agree with you. Damn since the fusion of square-soft nothing good came out.

They should never join with Enix. Please split-up and give me my FF quality like before.

nickjkl2898d ago

to bad enix only ever did publishing and localization of games and hasnt developed a game in its life unlike square who made final fantasy 1- 13 by them selves
2 movies
acquired eidos
and has multiple development teams

give up already you guys just want nostalgia of the olden final fantasy's back when

they used menus for talking
back when their as no voice acting
where people thought the game wasnt linear when it really was

to me final fantasy was a good game and its mostly because i wasnt judging it because it was a copy of all the other final fantasys

visualb2898d ago

I feel you man. I'm actually no fan of FF, but your comment is well constructed and I can imagine the feeling, and I agree

devs come and go with golden ages

don't forget, apparently FF 4 -10 are the BEST of the series...after that, down hill, but thats 6 games, including FF7 which is hailed as the best RPG of all time

there goes the prime

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pwnd_of_lol2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Well, i guess they will look at how well FF XIII has done well in terms of 360 sales. so it's possible Versus could make it's way to Xbox..

The marketing strategy of putting a major series game on two major consoles works, and the sales show it in 360.

anyway, Putting Versus on the 360 will do great for both consoles.I will be getting the 360 version.

RBLAZE19882898d ago

I disagreed with you. So it's right to delay this game 2 more years and spend 20 million or more dollars getting versus on the 360 just so they can get 1 million extra copies sold on a platform that barely appreciates the kind of game versus is trying to be...that barely appreciate any rpg that isn't mass effect fallout or oblivion. That makes sense. I bet if lost odyssee came out on ps3 it would have sold 4 times as much as the 360 version and versus isn't worth the money and more delays to get it on the 360

No Way2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

It doesn't sound like to me that PS3 fans appreciate what it's tryna be either.
Most of them just plead and beg for it not to goto x360, or they won't buy it.
This whole 'genre only console' crap is stupid. I like my JRPGs.
Just like many other people that own a x360 like a good ol JRPG.

You sound pathetic.

TVippy2898d ago

... after all. But PS3 fanboys, don't be dicks about it - it's not that good of a game, as it turned out.

pwnd_of_lol2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

fanboys of ps don't even need to know about marketing to do research and find out XIII on the 360 was far from a bad idea, and certainly won't "ruin" anything of game.

raztad2898d ago

I'm not saying game will not appear on xbox360, it may or may not, however

Today, Square Enix posted a job listing for a Final Fantasy Versus XIII "Battle Planner". Listed in the job requirements are the following requirements: experience developing a 3D action game, knowledge and experience in both level and battle design and "development experience on a PS3, or Xbox 360 package title".


you can change "experience on a PS3, OR Xbox 360 package title" by "experience on console package title". If there was an "AND" instead of a "OR" I would give the rumor some credibility. This kinda remind me that job listing from Naughty Dogs.

catguykyou2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

LOL, after reading the quot you posted Raz, people have to realize too; If I am a company and I'm going to hire someone to help with a project. I'm not going to want to get rid of that person after the project is done. It would be nice if that person could, after the project is done, help out with other projects, that may not be on just the PS3. It's not the end of the world that SE is looking for someone with more than just PS3 experience to work on FFVXIII game.

Also, the job they are hiring for isn't really hardware specific. They need someone to work on a game mechanic and level design. Not coding on the engine. Shouldn't matter if the person only has experience with the DS, it's a game mechanic/ design position, not hardware coder. That's like saying, "OMG THE NEW CONCEPT ARTISTS ON THE NEW FFVXIII GAME HAS ONLY HAD 360 EXPERIENCE! THE GAME MUST BE COMING TO 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*head explodes*"

People should stop being all gloom and doom and actually think for themselves instead of buying so easily into these stupid articles.

RBLAZE19882898d ago

Looks like there is still intelligent life out there...wanna start a gaming blog for people like us so we don't have to be subjected to kotakus garbage news stories lol. But seriously tho very well said i said the same thing in reply to the first few comments.

tinybigman2898d ago

nothing from SE this generation has surprised me in the least. they haven't proven themselves at all this gen.

tinybigman2898d ago

to the disagreers please enlighten me on what they've done this generation that's better than what they've done last generation.

WLPowell2898d ago

"The world ends with you" was actually really good... So why is it that Kotaku is always first in line to make "PS3 game is jumping ship/ PS3 game has problems/ Sony fails" rumor BS? Are we a gonna be a big-boy news outlet or a blogger site?

stonecold32898d ago

not true or its going to be held back longer like i said i would rather have the ps3 version complete first before they do one forthe lowest demoniter 360 square hasnt even made one exclusive for ps3 this gen they have made 3 ffgames already flop on xbox software sales and making a fps for the xbox plus the machine sell pretty bad in japan square is backing the wrong console why dont they get nintendo ff games and leave our ff games alone on ps3

Rai2898d ago

I wouldnt call it a proper. The proper ones are FF and number right after. I was surprised this didn't go muti first but I'm not surprised its going now. If they did it to the original 13 whats stopping them from doing it now.

callahan092898d ago

I actually do think Square-Enix is going to wind up porting the game to 360. But that doesn't mean this listing has any relevance to that. They are looking to hire somebody. They're looking for somebody who has experience on the HD consoles, one, the other or both of them. That's the kind of person who can add a lot of the development of the game. Someone who has worked on Xbox 360 has HD console experience, which may not be as good as PS3 development experience if they're working on a PS3 game, but it's the next best thing and could still qualify you for the job, so they put that in the listing. Now, again, they probably ARE porting this to 360 just because it's Square-Enix, but I don't think in any normal circumstances you can take a job listing like this as evidence. Naughty Dog asks for people with 360 experience in their job recruiting, too, but they aren't about to make a 360 game. It's just that those people would still have the potential to be qualified for the position due to that experience.

PS360fanboy2898d ago

Weel, can't say we didn't see this one coming... They should, at least, just bloody admit it and stop this soap opera once and for all.

XIII sold pretty well on the Xbox 360 so this is a window of oportunity to make some more cash.

Besides, if you think FF XIII on the Xbox 360 was gimped, what do you call Bayonetta or Red Dead on the PS3?

radphil2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

"Besides, if you think FF XIII on the Xbox 360 was gimped, what do you call Bayonetta or Red Dead on the PS3?"

All 3 of those games were gimped on said platforms....No one is denying that.

Also one may say that FF13 sold pretty well, but look at the number of trade-ins afterwards. Do you really think people are going to flock that easily after the game itself of FF13 on both sides?

fallingdove2898d ago

It is an interesting listing, but I would take it with a grain of salt. Developers do this all the time. - If someone is familiar with developing a game on the xbox360 archetecture, it is easier for them to learn how to work on the PS3 archetecture than say if they had only previously worked on the DS.

If you remember, a few months back, Naughty Dog had a job posting asking for xbox360 experience, but there is no way in hell Uncharted 3 is multiplat.

-just something to think about.

VersusEM2898d ago

I am one many who like Final Fantasy XIII, I would wait to my mom was asleep so she wouldn't hear to play Final Fantasy XIII. Staying up untill like 5 a.m in the morning just to see what was going to happen next. I wouldn't say XIII is better than VII, but it is still in my top 5.

Akagi2898d ago

If this game comes out for Xbox 360, it'll be another nerfed experience confirmed.

360 = no buy from me.

NatureOfLogic2898d ago ShowReplies(1)
iamtehpwn2898d ago

This is just like the Naughty Dog Job posting. Because Xbox360 is an HD platform they are qualified to work on a Ps3 game. They don't need someone specifically PS3 experience as much as "Next gen" Development.

This does not confirm Versus XIII for Xbox360. Why is this even speculated? I hope no one is really this stupid.

Thatguy-3102898d ago

most funny thing about this is that a majority of the people that are whining are still going to buy the game..... Thats why SE can careless what ppl think about them switching exclusive games multiplatform...For once people should avoid purchaSINg the so they can show SE that they are truly screwing over their fans this gen

FACTUAL evidence2898d ago

Whoever thought this wasn't going to be MP after FF13 was was either in complete denial, or just a freaking moron...PERIOD. Most liely I'll have some smart ass trying to reply to this comment, calling me a loser/dumb. Really though....try to put 2 and 2 together......half of the people on this site couldn't put 2 and 2 together if it was together.

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ArcFatalix2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

its no big deal. PS3 has tons of exclusives next year. We dont need you.

none of your games will match squaresofts FFX.

"Square Enix posted a job listing for a Final Fantasy Versus XIII "Battle Planner". Listed in the job requirements are the following requirements: experience developing a 3D action game, knowledge and experience in both level and battle design and "development experience on a PS3, or Xbox 360 package title".

Hold on they want a guy with 360 experience, that doesnt mean much even naughty dog did that and they are first party.

They just want a guy with experience anyways dont care fuck square

Lucreto2898d ago

But they recently had a job opening stating "development experience on a PS3, or Xbox 360 title."

It means console experience nothing more.

DarK-SilV2898d ago

Naughty Dog is a first party Dev

radphil2898d ago


Take your sensible statement out of here.

NYC_Gamer2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

well...why should square pass over 360?ff13 moved 1 million copies on that platform...3rd party games should be multiplat

square has made their money back from the ps3 sales along with extra profit from the 1mil sold on 360....this is all business for them nothing personal

LastDance2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

because it cost MONEY to do it across 2 platforms and are made for lowest common denominator.

Who even cares, square enix have proven they arent capable of making a decent game anymore.

TVippy2898d ago

One second you cry how Versus is superior over anything that ever graced this Earth, when they announce it's going multiplat you say "they arent capable of making a decent game anymore."

saint_seya2898d ago

1st : they didnt announced nothing, so dont say we are crying 4 one announcement
2nd : i think square lost their magic after the ps2 era.. ( and i do believe that their best jobs are before the ps2 era )
3rd : i u think that they did great games in the hd consoles:
a- u dont know nothing about great role games
b- ure just trying to annoy the people who really
love role playing games

Blaster_Master2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Flop confirmed.


Your right, 3rd party games should be multiplat, if it doesn't hurt the game in the process. The fact that the 360 has dvd9 hurts games cause publishers have to pay royalties to microsoft if a game uses more than 3 disc. A game as big as versus is supposed to be will be twice as big as FF13, which means 8 disc if not more. I really dont think it would be a smart move for Squeenix if they did this because us gamers find out everything , and if it was held back like ff13 (cut out a whold half a game just to fit it on the 360) then it will be the death of Squeenix as we know it. They are on life support now, one more bad game and I really dont see Squeenix ever being relevant in the industry ever again.

I dont mean flop in sales Ceedubya, When I say flop, I mean a game just being a shitty game in general.

ceedubya92898d ago

If over a million is considered a flop these days, then there are a lot of flop games out there.

perfectCarbonara2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Like Alan Wake ?


UltimateIdiot9112898d ago

What does it say about a company who lower quality greatly and spew out lies faster than the speed of light just to get that 1 million sale that they could have probably gotten had they kept it exclusive?

If you look at the past, FFXIII sold around the average number of any FF title. think it would exceed that by being multiplatform? No?

ceedubya92898d ago

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe they will surprise us, or maybe the game just won't be any good.

LastDance2898d ago

and what was sacraficed to get that 1 mil sales?

ceedubya92898d ago

The game has sold pretty well across both platforms. The 360 version didn't turn out as well as the PS3 version, but a good number of people got it, and although its not the most beloved game in the series, I'm sure that SOME people still enjoyed it.
If the assumption is that the game is bad, then that's the fault of the developers, NOT the 360. There are plenty of games on the 360 that are good games, so there is no excuse for 13 if it is considered "bad."

BillOreilly2898d ago

they can fit it on 3-4 disks no problem. Compress the fmv's and all that jazz. i dont mind changin disks. il play it whether its on 360 or ps3 but its not hard to fit it on 360.
star ocean 4-3 disks
ff13-3 disks
lost odyssey-4 disks(way bigger than any rpg this gen with like 20 hrs of fmv)
blue dragon-3 disks

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Chuk52898d ago

It's gonna flop? Good job n4g.

Thabo2898d ago

Just look at FFXIV. . .oh, wait.

jneul2898d ago

that game was made for pc first so your point is moot!!