G4TV Fallout: New Vegas - "Beyond the Beef" Quest Exclusive

In our exclusive video we go deep inside one of the creepiest missions ever in a Fallout game. Check out the glitzy lights on the Strip in New Vegas, but just realize that behind the doors of the Ultra Lux Hotel, some very bad things are going on.

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Ocelot5252834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

4:30 => woman walking on air

sigh... If ain't ready than don't release it Obsidian/bethesda

rodeoo2834d ago

She wasn't walking on air, she is just really really big. I am about 22 hours into this game since Friday, it has some glitches the graphics and game play are pretty similar to fallout 3, but if you loved fallout 3 you will love this one two. i spent over 5 hours just walking around the waste aimlessly look for new missions and scavenging and had a blast.

sprayNpray2834d ago

I thought this game hasn't been released yet?

Lucreto2834d ago

Does anyone have the PS3 version of the game? Is there any technical improvement over the PS3 version of Fallout 3. I don't want to be playing for 70 hours with the constant threat of freezing and slow down.

JobForARockStar2834d ago

I was hoping that if i liked fallout 3 I'd like this one as well. Because I sunk A TON of hours into fallout 3. One of my favorite games ever.

rodeoo2834d ago

I loved fallout 3. platinumed it on the ps3 then got every achievement for it on the 360 including the dlc minus the holo tapes in mothership zeta(i missed one and could not go back for it). This game will easly rob me of another 200 plus hours of my life.

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