Gaming girls 'have more sex'

Do you have a girlfriend? Does she play games? Then you know what we be talking 'bout.

Cosmopolitan has decreed - by way of non-specific research - that girls what game do the bad thing more often than their non-gaming friends. Four times a week, no less. The mucky bleeders.

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PimpHandHappy2829d ago

"do the bad thing"

happy i was never brain washed by the church because i think its a good thing :-)

anyway i could have told you gaming girls are easy... lol

Convas2829d ago

I wouldn't call it brainwashing. I've been raised in a highly religious environment all my life. I would like to consider myself religious. But I've seen the problems that "loose" lifestyles can lead to. Not the least of which being that sex simply becomes an activity the more people you have it with.

What some churches teach about abstinence and waiting till marriage is GOOD. It shouldn't be forced, but a lot of people I know have been saved from repeating their parent's mistakes because of it. Of course, everybody has free will, and you can do what you want, but rules or no rules, you should already know that nothing goes without it's consequences, good or bad.

Sorry bout the rant, had to get that out there.

The Killer2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

its just depends on how we do it or use it!

a knife could be the most dangerous thing if used to kill or be the most useful thing if use for cooking!

sex with a wife is the most beautiful thing, while adultery can cause many social problems and diseases and the most famous of them all AIDS!

In Islam, we can have sex only with our wives! maximum number of wives are 4 under some conditions! so not any body can marry 4! and most muslims marry 1 only! sometimes 1 is more than enough!

but the governments and the groups who control the media pushes us to do all things which most religions forbid!

n to the b2829d ago

"sex with a wife is the most beautiful thing, while adultery can cause many social problems"

who said anything about adultery? you make it sound like the only alternative to having marital s3x is cheating on your spouse...

inveni02829d ago

I've had TONS of sex...and I mean tons. But I've only had two partners. Sex for me has never been a "beautiful" thing. For my wife and I, sex is just something primal. There's no "tender connection", and we don't call it "making love". It's just physical. So, whether I'd had 100 partners or 1 partner, it doesn't really matter for me because sex isn't about an emotional connection, so there's really no threat of diluting it.

For some people, though, sex is more emotional and less physical. So having 100 partners makes it less special somehow.

I'm just not one of those people.

Ju2829d ago

"the governments and the groups who control the media pushes us to do all things which most religions forbid"

Interesting point of view. A bit weird, but still interesting.

acky12829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Disagree Clizz, religion shouldn't have a thing to say about sex. All of them seem to have an unhealthy obsession with it. Abstinence is so unnatural and inhuman.

People being forced to adhere from fear of outcast from the church and friends and family, or fear of hell, or for promise of reward is very immoral and despicable. Ingraining the idea into children that sex is dirty is also wrong.

Proper family planning should be discussed in schools to prevent people who are too young to raise a kid getting pregnant. Not just stating "wait till marriage, its better", that's an awful thing to teach people. People should be able to make their own choice on how, when and with who they have sex with, no matter what religion they're in without fear of reprimand.

2829d ago
HolyOrangeCows2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Yeah.....let's just report this one as off topic. You're obviously a bit too sensitive about the subject; calling it "the bad thing" obviously wasn't a religious statement by the author.

f7897902829d ago

From what I've seen every Christian parent tries to force abstinence.

mugoldeneagle032829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Being raised in a religious environment doesn't really change anything if you ask me.

I spent 1st through 8th grade at a parochial school and probably got the exact same lectures as you did about sex, drugs and violence. Was a 4 sport all conference athlete in high school and all that, and I turned out the same as any other average person.

Virginity lost when I was 15, started drinking soon after (HS drinking/parties, etc. Not alcoholic), and picked up smoking (the green) right after I graduated. In fact I've actually become more independent in my religion than the strong Christian background I was raised in.

I'm not bragging at all, or saying your wrong, but I do disagree about the "brainwashing aspect", and if anything, I'm a perfect example of how it simply doesn't "stick" with everyone.

EDIT: And to everyone talking about how sex shouldn't be apart of religion. It's talked about many times in the Bible, so it's more of a history law to churches then some evil plan to not corrupt the youth

gamingdroid2829d ago

I have no issue with religion, except it constantly tells me what I should do and if I don't there is this threat that something really really bad will happen.

How about educating me why it is bad and letting me choose!

That is why I don't care for religion, they don't seek to explain, but to have you give them blind faith. To me that is no different than brainwashing, if you aren't allowed to reason why!

n to the b2829d ago

by the way in my prev comment I meant, there are people who aren't married at all who have s3x. so it's not 'adultery' if I have s3x with an unmarried woman, only person I'm cheating on is my hand...

Nevers2829d ago

what a collection of attitudes based upon old myths, legends, and absolute falacy/ignorance have to do with the fact nerdy girls get some more often than nerdy boys. That fact is a "well, duh" for me anyway... I just don't understand why religion was even brought in as a relevant topic of discussion. It definitely surprises me how many agrees for the conservative side to that issue there are in here. What a bunch o' prudes who feel like they need to dicktate how others should live.

I'm totally fine with religious people as long as they understand their boundries... religion, on the other hand, can KMA.

catguykyou2829d ago

It is better to cast your seed in the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground

Genosis 38

talltony2829d ago

I have never seen so much ignorance. When it comes to christianity (my faith) some of you still have no idea what its about. It's like you guys are going by what the media says about it without doing any research on your own. Here is a great site that will end any confusion about anything,
Good day...

PopEmUp2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for shooting and this is for fun" :)
@inveni0, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP, your life is pathetic if you think sex is just for physical activity, that is just new low man

Johnny_Cojones2829d ago

I love it when people who don't read the bible try to quote it & fail miserably.

duplissi2829d ago

yeah im gonna have to go agree with talltony on this one, most of you really dont know what christianity is all about...


one of the biggest themes all over the new testament is free will because God wants us to choose to follow him, not be be threatened or coerced by fear. because if fear is your reason then you may as well not bother. in fact there are several instances in the new testament where jesus approaches others and tells them to follow him, and for whatever reason they dont he leaves it at that.

gamingdroid2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Tell that to all the followers that are spreading the the idea of "sins" of mankind and how you will burn in hell!

I'm sure some don't tell you that, but a lot do and they are all giving you a bad name!

SonyWarrior2829d ago

"love is evil spell it back words, i'll show you" - Eminem

n to the b2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

if h3ll isn't meant to be a deterrent to 'wickedness' (ie, fear of h3ll as a motivator to be good) then why is it still there? as an instrument of vengeance alone? why would I even want to have a relationship with a god who sends those with a different opinion to burn FOR ETERNITY (or just a very long time depending on which version)?

don't mean to be a pr1ck. but then that's another thing I dislike about religion - it's almost impossible to present my side without seeming like an arse to believers.

anyway, wtf PimpHand see what you started??

duplissi2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

um, yeah i knew i shouldnt of posted... lol


ok, so lets say god is perfect and without fault, and in effect so is jesus. k? lets also say that sin is a perversion and imperfection, k?
also lets say that sin cannot exist in gods presence... soo if you have sinned (which we all have and do on a daily basis. if you think you dont your delusional..) where does that leave us? you see hell isnt actually fire and brimstone and torture, it is actually eternity away from god. nor is god sending anyone anywhere... yes the bible says that the penalty of sin is death... but the death that the bible is refering to is spiritual death soo in other words separation from god.

@n to the b

its not a deterrent, we are already going to endure eternity without god i.e. completely alone. god wants a relationship with us (its the sole reason he created us, he was in effect lonely.) so he made a way for us. jesus is that way, jesus took our consequences on himself and "died" spiritually and physically, but since he is god and man (at the same time) he overcame that "death", all we have to do is to choose to follow him.

look i know its hard to believe especially in todays culture that relies on hard facts and figures (i didnt always believe this) in fact it can seem completely opposite what we are taught. faith is a funny thing, just dont let the hypocrites, and religious bigots deter you- they should NOT be representative of who and what a christian is. ill use me for example: i lost my virginity at 17, had a kid and by 19 (stupid stupid fucking thing to do.) i swear on occasion, i love my beer (especially shipyard... mmm), have smoked weed every now and then, well i think you get the point. see being a christian is NOT about doing right and condemning wrong.. sure you try your best to do right but god doesnt want actions, he wants your heart and through your relationship you begin to want to serve god (i dont mean church functions or any of that stuff)and do right (you wont always, im a perfect example). you want to help those in need, and love those who need love.

god is about choice, about love, about forgiveness.

anywho, im gonna stop before i write an essay.

you guys asked.

TengkuAmir102828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

What's the connection between religion and sex?

acky12828d ago

Why is hell depicted as fire and brimstone and torture and why is it used to scare people into believing? Why is it so easy to think of hell that way, and yet so hard for us to think of heaven as anything but a dull cloudy place in the sky where not much happens.

It sounds to me like you try to live life as best you can, enjoy it, and do good to others. Why do you need God or Jesus for that? Isn't that what most try and do regardless?

You say 'God wants a relationship with us'...and 'he wants your heart and through this relationship you will want to SERVE god.' That's pretty scary if that's what your preaching and that seems like a very unhealthy relationship.

The whole idea of an eternity with god is a strange concept. That would be like your dad saying, "I will always, forever be telling you what to do, get used to it." No freedom at all.

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theonlylolking2829d ago

when you talk about the church exactly which church are you talking about? Catholic?

UltimateIdiot9112829d ago

My parents aren't religious (rather just traditional). I wasn't raised to be religious and I am one of the farthest person away from being religious (not in the radical way, I mean philosophically).

I do understand why it's being view as bad but I say it all depends on your situation. If you're not married, ready for a kid financially and/or mentally, or other factors, then it can be a very bad thing when something goes wrong. But if you're ready to accept all consequences, then it's a very good thing. So rather than say it's a bad thing, I say it's all in the perspective.

Had I written the article, I would have just used Sex. No good or bad.

PimpHandHappy2829d ago

living by the word of christ is not a bad thing.. I bet Jesus enjoyed sex and he was not married. Also i am talking about the Church that is led by the Pope even if most religions do take a harsh look at sex and most of them that revolve around a profit that is a man also look down on women.

Trust me when i say i understand what a "loose" life style can lead to and i am not saying i have paid that price because i have lived my life with morals and think sex is not something we should do for sport. Sex should be with someone you love and when its not you just cheapen yourself and your partner

BannedForNineYears2829d ago

" I bet Jesus enjoyed sex and he was not married."


hay2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

facepalm + rotfl (almost broke my arm rolling ;))

Considering Jesus as historical figure(not a bedtime story) he lead a celibate life and got married later as every essene in those times. He had to have children to ensure survival of his lineage but I'm not gonna take a peek into his bedroom.

gallospqra2829d ago

"I bet Jesus enjoyed sex and he was not married."

Some might say it's blasfemy, but I say you're right! :)

Zinc2829d ago

Actually, many scholars believe that Jesus was married and had children. The written texts that seem to confirm this, were conveniently left out of current books of the bible, because they took away from his divine aspect.

Life, is life, and people, are people. History is as bendable as a blade of grass.

Sweeet2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Religion is and always will be a form of control. Spouting nonsense under the ruse of faith and forcing millions of people to live a lie, is one of the greatest sins we have ever committed.

The only reason people continue this ruse of faith is because they have no other skills in life and it's simply easier to live a lie from an archaic past, than to fathom what we only just now are beginning to understand about the universe. Who really wants to admit they were wrong all these years?

That or people are just bloody greedy... *cough* Scientology *cough* A religion were the founder, a science fiction writer, openly admits the best way to make money is to create a religion, then only goes ahead and does it...proof that some peoples lives are so pathetic they are willing to believe anything for a way out, so very sad.

ECM0NEY2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Agreed, nothing on this planet has caused as much human suffering as religion.

Most of the major religions today are based on worshiping the sun.

Sweeet2828d ago

It's funny you know, if you look at all the great minds throughout time, none of them were religious at heart. And the ones that said they were only did so to avoid prosecution, like Leonardo da Vinci for example.

Did they know something we don't? Perhaps, but most importantly they had the intelligence to see beyond the boundaries of our feeble existence and had the realisation that in the end, it doesn't really matter if we go nowhere when we die. All that matters is you try and live a good life whilst being true to yourself.

Religion does nothing but instil fear into people and under what grounds? That you'll go to hell when you die if you do something wrong? It's a silly concept born out of the fear from not understanding our existence in a time that's long past. It may have worked on the gullible back then, but with more and more information becoming freely available with the introduction of the internet, more people are beginning to see human nature for what it really is. Couple that with the advancements in Science and it becomes very clear to see that nobody actual knows if there is a grand designer, or if we go anywhere when we die.

D3athc3ll2828d ago

u r an idiot pimp - a fucking big one. Jesus didnt had sex ffs. But i guess talking to u would feel the same as talking to a brick!!! No brains - useless comments - etc,

Only one more dumb than u - is the gal sleeping with u!!!

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AlienFodder2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"do the bad thing"

"happy i was never brain washed by the church because i think its a good thing :-)"

Not too surprising considering that the writer also uses the expression: "Oh, Lordy!" *cringes* How old is he, 50? O_o

darkdoom30002829d ago

Wow, the disagrees suprise me.

Sex is great. It isnt a bad thing, and shouldn't be treated as such. It's only problemetic if you are addicted to it.

abstinance is outdated too. with contraception avalible, you don't have to worry about having kids and whatnot. It's just denying yourself pleasure :|

CombineElite2829d ago

Sex is just great exercise and every one over the age of 18 should do it, of course when you work out you gotta wear protection for health safety and population control.

You can burn a ton of calories during sex, then go play video games afterwards.

D3athc3ll2828d ago


i guess ur dreamworld would be something like sex with everyone all day long!.

ppl get it wrong. most think only having sex with other while married is a sin. sleeping around before marraige is also sin. having sex is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do u really think God waits for u to say i do!!!! lol. having sex with diff women is adultery and its like marraige - divorce - marraige - divorce - marraige - divore. So even if ur not married and thought its all bout making the promise in church - ur a joke!!!!

Only way sex is beautifull, is when u do it with ur wife and with her alone - the way God intended it to be. Waking up next to her knowing she loves u through everything is how precious God's marraige is.

Anyway, its not like u believe.

The bad thing is - there r more ppl like u on this planet, than ppl that actaully believe. Just remember not believing is also believing - u r just believing in nothing - get it?

For those who r still virgin - dont get caught up in the american shit!! Where in every second movie ur a loser if u havent slept with a gal. Although some directors try to give the message through :). Thank God there r still movies which respects the way God made love between man and wife!!

If it wasnt wrong and God didnt forbid it - i would like to @$#%%^^&!&^%@%^@[email protected]$&am p;@^@%&@(((@@^@%!$!$$!$! all the ppl who disrespects God. But judgement is His, not mine.

I Hope God gets through to u before its too late.... My God bless all the ppl like pimp....

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MGRogue20172829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

... Is that so?

Heh. Perhaps it's because sometimes they kinda feel the need to want to grab a certain "other joystick"..?

lol, I don't know.

LowDef2829d ago

Oh, by "other joystick" you mean "penis". I get it now.

SexyPrawns2829d ago

I think he got it as soon as he heard it. He's just being facetious.

You, on the other hand...


itsralf2829d ago

This is true, I think. I dated this chick who played Zelda for like ten hours a day every day. She put out often. Then I dated this chick who knows nothing about video games, eh...

Soldierone2829d ago

Same lol....I think gaming just shows they are more outgoing.

That or something about the flashing colors. Give a "sex addict" aka slut a casual game and you will be "doing it" wtihin an hour. At least based on my experience.

Either way I personally try to get my GF to play games just so she can have fun while im having fun, instead of being bored watching me play or finding something else to do. Im not doing it just to get laid....if thats a reason at all.

jeeves862829d ago

Dude, anybody who plays 10 hours of anything every day is going to put out often if it's available.

Pretty sure that's a tip she read in Cosmo.

shadyiswin2829d ago

My gf loves zelda and is a sex addict. I how were not talking about the same girl

knifefight2829d ago

Hard-hitting journalism!