ISM: Netflix On Wii Joins The Disc Free Party

ISM: Nintendo decided not to have their Wii Netflix users require that very annoying streaming discs to watch Netflix movies. Like the PlayStation 3, which also gets disc free Netflix today,...

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lil boy blue2859d ago

it on my buy this holiday season list

darthv722859d ago

All the talk about the ps3 disc free app and here is nintendo making their version available on the same day. Granted we can pretty much figure the wii channel will be like the disc based interface.

Still, it is nice to be free from using a disc in both ps3 and wii now. I use netflix on the 360 and lg bluray player and now I can add in wii and ps3 to the disc free crowd.

Ironically this one supports motion controls where as i keep hearing that the ps3 doesnt yet support the move. I am sure that will get fixed pretty soon.