Fable 3: 'Drunkenly seduce your best friend'

Many games boast that they offer an environment in which you can "go anywhere, do anything". But they're lying.

Because unless their definition involves drunkenly seducing your best friend whilst dressed as a chicken, they ain't got nothing on Fable III.

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Myst2834d ago

We shall certainly have to see if the co-op marriage will really make a strong emotional bond between the players. I see it more as some people doing it because of achievement more so than anything else. Honestly after reading this I can't wait for this game now!

plb2834d ago

When is this coming to PC?

plb2834d ago

Meh...Will be too busy with KZ3 and LBP2 in March

360nPS3rTheSAME2834d ago ShowReplies(1)
MorganX2834d ago

Molyneux still trying to make a Third-Person life sim, at the expense of a great action RPG. What a waste of time and money.

blumatt2834d ago

There's nothing wrong with options, man. It's kind of neat you can do some of the things on that game, though I'm not too keen on the whole being gay on the game. That could've been left out.

GRRiMREEAPeR2834d ago

Wow i agree 100%. Molyneux was on to something in fable1, and has gotten further and further away from the things that most gamers want ever since. Msft should have purchased Bioware instead of Lionhead IMO.

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