500,000 Gamerpoints: how much life does that cost?

In case you were wondering – don’t try this at home, folks

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Kurt Russell2827d ago

Nerds dissing nerds... Kind of cancels itself out.

Acquiescence2827d ago

It's a nerd dissing a nerd who has reached 500,000 gamerpoints.

Big difference between the two.

Flexatron2827d ago

Imagine the crap he had to wade through to get that gamerscore.

n to the b2827d ago

"Congratulations! …on wasting several years of your life in the pursuit of a completely futile goal."

couldn't the same argument be made against sports? what real lasting value comes from sports entertainment?

billabong19852827d ago

How about the lasting value of regular exercise?

nightfallinicedearth2827d ago

Hmm not really. Playing sports makes you stay fit, active, could lead to more. professional soccer, football, basketball etc players make millions. Reallisticly, how much money can be made as a 'professional gamer'? Unless you're a developer/publisher of course. These guys that are 'journalists'(HA!) guarantee they don't clear 15,000 a year. Even that's a stretch.

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bananlol2826d ago

Whats the lasting value of anything?

n to the b2826d ago

was waiting for that. sure the athletes benefit. but I know so many unfit SPECTATORS that are "wasting several years of your life in the pursuit of a completely futile goal."

n to the b2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

you could maybe say at 500,000+ gamerscore it's going too far. I just object to the idea of dismissing video gaming out of hand as being a less worthwhile pusuit than some of these other hobbies.

EDIT: oh and another way of looking at it: sports = physical exercise, gaming = cerebral exercise.

EDIT2: in fact the 1st definition for 'exercise' that pops up on is: "bodily or mental exertion, esp. for the sake of training or improvement of health"

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danielle0072827d ago

but I really do admire dedication like that.

Jaybad542827d ago

The only thing he is dedicated to is not getting a job

FordGTGuy2827d ago

As if he had no job he would not be able to afford to purchase the games over the last 6 years.

Rauland2827d ago

He must be in one of those Modern Countries that pay you for being unemployed so you don't starve to death and steal to survive and make trouble.

n to the b2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

or as I mentioned under another article about this guy, it's possible he's loaded ($). or it's possible he's supported by permanent disability or something.

FordGTGuy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

That he has a job.....

Your not buying 20,000 pounds worth of games in 5 years on disability.

The disagrees on my original statement just goes to show the level of stupidity on this website.

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m-s-8-22827d ago

As long as the dude had fun it was time well spent. Life is too short and muddled down with bullshit to not do something if you enjoy it.

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