Launch For MUBI On The PS3 This Week

There is a launch event this Thursday in London for the MUBI app on the PS3. The app originates from the site which is an online service allowing you to watch films. Some are free, others have to be paid for. The same set-up is transferring to the PS3 service. You may not find your latest action packed blockbuster on the app however. Further details of the app in full article.

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kenpachi2898d ago

and yet a good part of europe is still waiting on the video store to arrive like Ireland for f*** sake

Baba19062898d ago

same here in Switzerland, sucks that there isnt a psn video store here.

Red_Orange_Juice2898d ago

Yay, PS3 services in Europe FTW!!! unless you don't live in UK

Lucreto2898d ago

MUBI is good but all the new releases won't be there.

I want a video store.

vhero2898d ago

Wow can people stay on topic?? MUBI looks an exciting feature.

Cogan12898d ago

Kenpachi i know what you mean, having no video store sucks, but you no MUBI is confirmed for Ireland too yeah? So at least maybe this is the start of things to come!

Lucreto2898d ago

I hope they launch the video store and MUBI in one go. I know Ireland will get this but it is just classic movies.

Cogan12898d ago

Yeah, there's no reason why its not here, we have movies on ITunes now so it only makes sense for sony to bring the movie service to us. Its cheaper than xtra-vision. (Just not cheaper than downloading!)

siarraweb2898d ago

don't they have someone who can answer some doubts?

will the movies have subtitles? not all movies are in english..

ChrisPriestman2898d ago

I would imagine they will only come with subtitles as that is how the majority of them are released.

The more subtitled films you watch the more you get used to it though. After a while it just comes natural and you forget that it is subtitled.

That's my experience anyway.

hesido2898d ago

The key is to "snapshot" the subtitle quickly. Sometimes your eyes get stuck on the subtitle even though you can read it much faster. You must teach yourself to glimpse at the text and then back to the center of screen.

fooltheman2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

This is great...
it brings unreachable movies close to everyone