Medal of Honor is Xbox 360's 4th Biggest Launch in 2010

GfK Chart Track reports that EA's Medal of Honor has recorded the best ever UK launch week sales for a game in the long-running franchise.

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InTheKnow2899d ago

MoH might be doing OK in sales at the moment but I expect this game will be in the bargain bin in a couple of weeks. EA knows this and that's why it's been rushed and is basically EA trying to capitalize, like a parasite on COD's formula. Black ops is gonna out sell MOH 10 to 1...everybody knows that. EA is lucky they launched a couple of weeks early.

Sadly, it's Danger Close and Dice who look like they rushed the game when in fact it's EA in their desperate stupidity that is to blame.

avengers19782899d ago

So you expect COD to sell what 30 million copies. that would be rather impressive, considering it won't even do COD:ModernWarfare 2 numbers.
Besides that MOH has been selling quite well and by the time COD comes out they will have made plenty of money. MOH is different then COD and it's a welcome change. Now there are more multiplayer games to get killed on.

StanLee2899d ago

It is a bit surprising isn't it? But it's the UK. I find that UK gamers play less attention to reviews and Medal of Honor does have brand recognition.

Hades13372899d ago

...and soon to be fifth come November.

Stuart57562898d ago

How can you disagree with my comment, I didn't expect it, so your say 'I disagree, I think you did expect it', idiots.

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cyborg2899d ago

like all the negative publicity worked :\

MGRogue20172899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

... EA have done well with their advertising & marketing..

BLAKHOODe2899d ago

atleast UK gamers recognize a great game when they see one and not just dismiss it as another Call Of Duty wannabe.

y0haN2899d ago

Ironically Call of Duty was originally a Medal of Honor wannabee...

Apocwhen2899d ago

It'll be 5th or 6th in a few weeks after Fable III and Black Ops hits.

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The story is too old to be commented.