Nintendo Interview: The Hype Around Wii Party | GameState

"Kate Kearney from Nintendo SA chats to us about what sets Wii Party apart from the other Wii titles and other conoles' party games." - GameState

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WobblyOnion2828d ago

I am generally not a fan of party games - although this and start the party for PS move are a whole lotta fun. This is pretty much the new Mario Party, only with Mii's instead.

granthinds2828d ago

i think it has it's merit. 60 min long boardgames?! That's hectic. Something the other consoles haven't done. That said, I still don't think it's different enough to be AMAZING. It does hit the shelves with a good price point though and that alone should make it fly.

vrylstminute2828d ago

The long games do look interesting....

granthinds2828d ago

I agree, they seem like the one stand out part of the game. We've seen Minigames, but not really something like this bundled with a prominent Minigame title.

PS3Blog2828d ago

This might pull me away from the PS Move and turn on my Wii again :)

granthinds2828d ago

We'll see. Not sure it'll trump SOCOM. ;)

ianfelmore2828d ago

I really like the way it retails with a Wii remote. Really worth your time and money. My favourite is Board Game Island, hit it with my friends the other day. Lots of fun!

granthinds2828d ago

Bet you there were women at that party. One way to get the ladies!

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