FFXIII: Mistakes, conflict, standstill

Final Fantasy's arrival on current gen hardware was good, but not brilliant - and game creators Motomu Toriyama (director) and Akihiko Maeda have now explained why.

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SMW2893d ago

Man, no wonder the game sucked.

I recommend you all actually read this article and learn exactly why and how SE became incapable of making a good game.

They based the final product on the frikkin demo for gods sake!!!



TheTwelve2892d ago

SO HAPPY I only rented this game. Now we see them admitting the game is jacked up. True honesty would have been to tell us this BEFORE release.

Seems they've tricked enough people into buying it, so now they can say the truth.


TotalPS3Fanboy2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Which is why Wada made sure that FF13 is the most linear RPG ever, with no world map, towns, and branching dungeons to explore.

TROLL EATER2893d ago

so much for its the 360's fault

BrianG2892d ago

Well in the article they actually mention that. Saying that multi platform development hindered them a bit, since they attempted to produce an engine that would work across all platforms.

So Multiplatform development did hinder the project, as far as release date anyways.

Light Yagami2892d ago

The reason it went multiplatform was because PS3 was hard and expensive to develop for. They weren't going to make a profit, so they made it multiplat. Blame Sony and PS3 for it.

BrianG2892d ago

Actually Light the PS3 version of the game well outsold the Xbox version.

So lets think about that, more revenue from PS3 version. The cost of having to produce an engine just to go multi platform was probably expensive. So in reality going multi platform cost them more money having to spend that extra time on the engine. I don't know what they made off the Xbox version as far as revenue vs how much the engine cost to make. But the point is, the PS3 version netted them more dollars.

Also, the PS3 is only hard to develop for when you are new to its architecture. One you get the hang of it I'm sure its easy. Also consider the PS3 version graphically looked better, so they obviously know what they are doing. And if it was too hard to develop for, why wasn't it a Xbox exclusive?

PS360fanboy2892d ago

How's that Microsoft's platform's fault? As far as the interview goes, you can say it was the PS3's fault as well...

This needs to stop. The game sucked because they tried to westernize it, simple as that.

BrianG2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )


You replied to my comment, so I assume your directing that towards me. Personally I'm not blaming the Xbox for anything or microsoft. I don't care what system its on, I was just letting the guy above know that the multi platform issue was mentioned in the article. It's SE's fault for having trouble going multi platform. Or ruining the game by trying to westernize it

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tacosRcool2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Still would have been better if it was just a PS3 exclusive as many know that the game had to be watered down to be ported on the 360.

Shows that greedy people tend to make big mistakes.

Plus SE lost its magical touch of making good games anyways

RedGr3mlin2892d ago

Fu** off Square Enix.

Sqare soft = RiP - may you 4 ever be rememberd.

To square Enix = You money greedy mo*** F****!
THank you 4 destroying one of the best jprpg games thrue the history. Gratz you realy made it.. You *** idiots! : (

ArcFatalix2892d ago ShowReplies(1)
mirroredderorrim2892d ago

[email protected] critic

the game isn't that bad, but compared to the likes of FFVI or even FFIV, this game lacks replay value. At least to me it does.

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