How can the Wii be saved from the clutches of Move and Kinect?

It seemed inevitable. The Wii is slowly heading towards it slow and deadly demise. the statistics might be against it, but there comes a time where you come to a realization that unfortunately one of the most innovative devices made, just cant keep up

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Optical_Matrix2833d ago

It doesn't need saving. Kinect has Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals and some other shit. Move has some random shit that is so bad, I can't even remember the names and Wii has Kirby Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Returns, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Metroid: Other M, Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii...
I love my PS3 (as many of you on this site will know), but the Move only software line up is catastrophic.

deadreckoning6662833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

The Move is too similar to the Wii, despite what many fanboys on this site believe. Yes, the Move is 1000x more accurate than the Wii...but you think the average joe will understand that? I don't see Kinect putting a dent in Wii sales either until better games are released.

In the broad scheme of things, the 3DS ill take a HUGE dump on everything.

Apocalypse Shadow2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

you recognize that move is way better in hardware than the wiimote.and opti is talking about games announced for wii and most aren't even for core gamers.

after years of seing the same kirby,the same donkey kong,the same mario,the same zelda,you would expect to get something NEW like a NEW franchise.

sony just launched a month will come from 20+ 1st party developers.if you doubt it,then you doubt media molecule,naughty dog,insomniac,santa monica and every other hit maker sony has this gen that has won most of the awards.i don't see nintendo winning any anymore in the game quality.they're slipping.

and,wii's problem is having to wait for nintendo to remake the same franchises over and over again.inbetween lots of shovelware.secondly,any game made outside of nintendo's 1st party can now release for ps3.why would i buy a wii(DIDN'T) when there is something better that can have improved control and graphics?as a ps3 fan,i no longer have a need to consider wii at all.using move then going to the wiimote would be like going backwards to last gen.

funny though.....dead that you seem so elated about kinect being on oprah and ellen.must make you happy....

for someone so NEUTRAL that has a always seem so negative on sony and ps3.why is that?....hmmmmmmmm....fanb.... .

Seferoth752832d ago

"after years of seing the same kirby,the same donkey kong,the same mario,the same zelda,you would expect to get something NEW like a NEW franchise. "
Last Story, Wii Sports, Fling Smash, Disaster,Sin and Punishment isnt exactly new but first game for the U.S. and other areas. Far more than Mario, Zelda, Metroid.

Btw Move being superior has yet to be shown in any way. Also I like how you call casual games from Nintendo "shovelware" yet the casual games from Sony are core games even though they are copies of Wii games only not near as fun going by reviews.

Since you believe so much in review scores we can easily say Wii is the better console going by Tigerwoods reviews and the fact that SMG2 is the highest rated game this gen.

Trizard2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You lost all credibility with me when you said that the move was 1000x more accurately (maybe 10x at most more accurate than the wii motion plus) but your hyperbole is a symptom of your fanboy notions and not needed here.

Bigpappy2832d ago

Where else can you get all of those Nintendo branded games. Those games will never show up on the Move.

The Wii didn't sell so well because it had motion control, it sold because it easy to play, fun Nintendo Wii games. IF the "Move" wants the Wii crowd, accuracy is a weak selling point. Casuals are looking for simple but fun games to play.

M$ got the simple and fun part of it right and could grab some attention form Wii, but Wii will still do well based on what I said above.

Trizard2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Okay, judging on the disagrees, I see that you are all disillusioned to think that the Move can possibly be 1000x more accurate than the Wii motion plus. To take this into perspective if the Wii motion plus is off by centimeters at a time than the Move is accurate to Microns or micrometers which are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore there would be no method for you to prove this statement is applicable to any use at all of the move unless you were doing microscopic surgery with it or something.... again I reiterate that the Move is at best 10x better than the Wii motion plus and therefore accurate to millimeters which are still very hard to judge with the naked eye and motion.

WLPowell2832d ago

"Btw Move being superior has yet to be shown in any way."


Lightsaber2832d ago

I'll agree with deadreckoning666 That the average joe will see the move as nothing more then a wii rip off for the ps3. However I Do think that Kinect might pull some people away for the wii. I think its just to early to tell what impact the Kinect will have. I think Wii vs Kinect would be something better to look at in 6 months

ImpartialMan2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

" these are the guys who just had they GT5 pushed back for fear of being over shadowed by Kinect."-Bigpappy

can you stop trolling?? kinda obvious when all ur comments are PS bash
you obviously have not played wii+ and Move both... or read thousand reviews that said MOve>Wii

Wii cannot do 1:1 tracking. its pure marketing bs... in order to do 1:1, the exact coordinate/location of the wii mote must be known at all times... but wii and wii + has only 2 dimensional acceleration measuring devices which means that it is "GUESSING" what your movements are.

Trizard2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I don't understand how so many people disagree with my statements. They are both factual and logical with no bias. My reasoning and argument is supported by facts and math but still you disagree. I don't comprehend your logic here anonymous diagreers.

You obviously can't read, or do math at a 5th grade level. I own both Wii and PS3 with Move and can say that the Move is 10 times as accurate not 1,000 times (which is improbable as aforementioned in previous comment) as DeadReckoning said. I SAID 10 TIMES, that is still superior to the Wii motion plus. I fail to see how that is trolling when I am agreeing with you. You are the reason why I have lost hope in humanity.

ImpartialMan2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

how do you quantify this 10 times for 1000 times better than Wii??
he obviously meant it figuratively and you are too stupid to understand.

since my previous post showed that Wiimote + is not actually being tracked POSITIONALly. only the acceleration.

you cant compare position tracking of move vs acceleration tracking of wii. BTW, positional tracking includes velocity tracking and acceleration tracking while acceleration tracking only tracks acceleration. that tells you why Move is so much more accurate compared to Wii.

Trizard2832d ago

HOW THE HELL COULD 1000 TIMES BE TAKEN FIGURATIVELY? It is a statistic (based off of math and the literal world) that I proved to be unrealistic and very exaggerated with simple math. Tracking is different from accuracy, as he and I quote " the Move is 1000x more accurate than the Wii." If he had meant tracking and position he would have said the Move has a superior tracking position response time and better acceleration. BUT HE DIDN'T. Accuracy =/= positional response. Accuracy is defined as "the quality of being near to the true value" (Princeton Dictionary). This means that degree that separates the on screen display to where your actual controller is, the more accurate it is.

You fail repeatedly with this statement "positional tracking includes velocity tracking and acceleration tracking while acceleration tracking only tracks acceleration." NO SHIT -"acceleration tracking only tracks acceleration." My 13 month old child knows more than you. Positional tracking coordinates your position at given times and then deduces your velocity and acceleration by using time scales given. This is in fact similar to what the Wii + does shockingly by that it doesn't actually find your acceleration but rather tracks its position and then uses Calculus (derivatives to find the velocity (1st deriv) and acceleration (2nd deriv)) This can be also said to be guessing but is rather far more accurate and precise than guessing. However, I will agree with you that the move is the overall better motion controller.

ImpartialMan2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

something that works completely differently???

how do u measure accuracy when Wii is simply guessing where the wii mote is??

and when Move uses position (unit m) while Wii+ uses (m/sec^2)

huhh?? u say "being near to the true value" so how do u measure that exactly???

Wii+ u can flick your wrist and it will say u swung ur whole arm

Move u actually have to fling ur whole arm.

SO TELL ME how do measure the true value and how close they are??

Wii+ does not track your position you. u obviously have no idea what you are talking about.
a two-axis[5] tuning fork gyroscope,[6] which can determine rotational motion. The information captured by the angular rate sensor can then be used to distinguish true linear motion from the accelerometer readings.[7] This allows for the capture of more complex movements than possible with the Wii Remote alone.[8][9]

Lol. how would wii track your position with ACCELEROMETERS only??DUHH

and if you learned anything in calculus. if you integrate acceleration. you are left with 2 unknowns which is very significant.

now that you are losing the argument you are making stuff up??
Lol. thats just sad.

AWBrawler2832d ago

Why do you guys act like Nintendo never make new franchises, last gen alone, they gave us: Chibi robo, Custom Robo, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem (in the US), Battalion Wars, and Pikmin! And I'm sure I'm missing some others from that list.

With the Wii, we got: Wii titled games, Excite series (they've been absent), Sin and Punishment (in the US), Endless Ocean, fling smash, and they have a new franchise started called The Last Story.

do your research! How many games that are new does Sony themself come up with? hmmm?

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cmrbe2832d ago

This is Sony we are talking about. The games (hardcore) will be there. To think otherwise is just as stupid as saying the PS3 has no games.

EvilTwin2832d ago

Yeah, pretty much what Optical said (how the heck did he get disagrees on this?).

Nintendo has rolled out a good lineup (after having some so-so years), and they aren't exactly even competing against Sony or Microsoft. The people who wanted a Wii for motion controls bought a Wii; the people who wanted first-party Nintendo games did, too. Sony and Microsoft are after the "expanded market" but doing so with add-on peripherals; not exactly the greatest recipe for success. They may indeed cut into Nintendo's sales somewhat, but the Wii caught lightning in a bottle. You can't just reproduce that.

(It'll still be hot this holiday season, too, and will still turn a profit with every console sold, even if N cuts the price.)

niceguywii602832d ago

The paranoia and the admitted defeat is getting so bad fanboys are supporting the Wii over MSFT success.

jneul2832d ago

lolz funny because move is only just out and already wii is behind in hardware and software sales, move has achieved quite alot it has already sold 1.5m in europe alone, looks like move is here to stay haha at all the haters

Parapraxis2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"but the Move only software line up is catastrophic"
So is the wiimote-only software for the most part.
Nearly (if not) all those "epic" Nintendo games you listed can be played with a classic controller or GC controller.

How does the PS3 and 360 software that are not motion-controlled now become null & void?
Makes no sense.

If you want to compare games that can ONLY be played with motion controls, go for it, but be aware that you clearly aren't doing that right now.

Ju2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

As it looks to me, since Move released, Wii is the least selling system. It stabilized PS3 sales, and it took away from Nintendo's market. This will only continue - especially with a growing game library for move.

Kinect will have an impact, too. To much for my taste, but so does the iphone (and that is not a popular opinion). Won't matter much, but I can at least acknowledge that MS marketing muscles will have an impact - on the Wii. I guess none at all for the PS3 (I should bookmark that for the after holiday's discussion). PS3 will continue to grow; in both HW and SW.

kneon2832d ago

The Wii has been in steady decline long before Move was released. The decline was inevitable with or without Move and Kinect. But they will help to accelerate the problem to some extent.

Nathaniel_Drake2832d ago

wow be patient, Move just came out and not in all regions

2832d ago
jneul2832d ago

funny because echochrome 2 is innovative and fresh so much for nothing new gameswise on move, that is just the tip of the iceberg, we still have yet to see the virtual reality and object modelling included in games, augmented reality was already implemented into eyepet and start the part which is yet another evolution on wiimote+
move has sold 1.5m in europe alone not bad if you think that on release day the best game was sports champions:-D

AWBrawler2832d ago

wii sold over 1 million in 8 days in the US alone

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btk2832d ago

No need for saving. They can drop price and market heavily on the kiddies market. Move will take the high end market, Wii will continue the low cost market. Kinect is more in trouble. It is less accurate than the Wii and more expensive than Move.

Biggest problem for Wii hardware is market saturation.

N4GAddict2832d ago

Price drop would be great

Ju2832d ago

Market saturation and growing HD TV customers. I think that reaches a critical mass that it will be harder to still sell an SD console.

stragomccloud2832d ago

People complaining about nintendo 'rehashes' obviously haven't been gamers for long. I grew up with those franchises, and I'm always looking forward to the next go 'cause I can count on solid gameplay

bennyace2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Some people here don't seem to realise that gaming existed before PS3, xbox 360 and Wii. You know, when people played games because they were fun... And weren't counting pixels like some sort of "elite hardcore gamers or spoiled little babies" that think no games is good enough for them. Ah, I'll leave it at that. Thx stragomccloud for saying it like it is!

Anyways, I'm still waiting for the 1st good review for a Move game. The games reviews average is, what? 5-6 at the moment for Move games. It goes to show that it's easy to copy a product or make it better or more accurate, but to make it successfull by making good games for it, is another thing. And Kinect doesn't look much better so far...

theaceh2832d ago

Do you even know what the average score for ALL wii games is... I think it should it's like 1-2.
So 5-6 for PS Move is not bad for the first month... lol

You have to admit that this GameCube with motion controller you call the wii is on life support.

bennyace2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

How it would be on life support. Because it has sold alone what the PS3 and the 360 put together sold. I'll give that it's not as "hardcore" as the PS3 or the 360, but to say that it's on life support is pushing a bit, won't you agree?

I'm not directly targeting my comment to you, but a lot of people here don't seem to realise that video games are a buisness. And companies making them wnat to make money. Even if some seem to think that Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo care about their fanbase, all they want is your money. And the best way to make it is to sell a lot of consoles, games and accessories. And you'll have to agree with me that Nintendo is probably the king, this gen, in all these categories.

A dollar spent on a video game, coming from a casual or a hardcore gamer is still a dollar. And i'm pretty sure that Nintendo made the most dollars this gen so far. So is it on life support...? Not really. My guess is that it's pretty healty and whealty.

stragomccloud2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The average review scores for games on a system doesn't really matter.
Some stupid game like "Deca Sports" or some other terrible shovelware title, doesn't make a game like Zelda: Twilight Princess, Okami, No More Heroes 2 a bad game.

By the way, I bet you feel really cool, slick, and "grown up," calling the Wii a gamecube with motion control.

It's based off a similar architecture, yes. But the thing is 3 times more powerful than a gamecube. That's a far cry from a PS3, yes. But, it's also a far cry from a gamecube. It's somewhere in between. Probably at the lower 40% range of the gap between. But, between, just the same.

And what is the upside of a similar architecture?????

FULL backwards compatibility. Might not mean much to you.
But for me, I can enjoy all the best new Wii games, all the best old gamecube games, and thanks to virtual console, over 25 years of other awesome gaming goodness.

I own all 3 current generation consoles.... and handhelds, for that matter, and to me, they all offer something different. I'm also in a position to get whatever version of a game that seems the best. A good example is, I'm getting Dead Space 2 for PS3 and not 360, because it's the lead development console. I got Ghostbuster's for Xbox 360 because the PS3 version had framerate issues, and the Wii version was in a style I didn't like. Star Wars: Force Unleashed, though, I had to get that for the Wii. It was all about the controls for that game.

Since, I've been gaming for a while now, I overall really prefer the Wii. It has the most diverse catalog of the current generation, and a lengthy back catalog of games.

All game companies want to make money, but sometimes I think that Miyamoto is borderline insane, and will get away with making anything because he's so well respected. So, I think in his case, I think he often makes games to tickle his own fancy. Although, 90% of the time trying to tear us away from our hard earned cash.

JunMei2832d ago

I'm not the only McCloud! yay!

I haven't been gaming for very long. But, I really wish I could have been gaming in the times before pixel counting!

bennyace2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You're absolutely right about Myamoto. What I ment by the companies wanting to make money... Is that, of course they want to please their fanbase, but it's not because they like us... they like our money! LOL.

Like you, I own all 3 major consoles and a DS. And I wouldn't sell any of these. There are awesome games on each. I wouldn't want to miss Zelda, Mario, Halo, Uncharted. To me fanboys only penalise themselves when choosing to defend a company and bash the other ones.

You would've loved gaming back then. I'm 40 today, so I was 10 in 1980...How time flies! LOL. I was there when Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Burger Time, Drogon's lair, etc... all came out and it was an awesome time for gaming. the home consoles were Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision. Nobody was bashing on games saying things like "Ah, the patty in burgertime doesn't look "cooked enough" LOL. We were playing games because they were fun and entertaining. Something that today's gamers seem to have forgotten.

JunMei2831d ago


Wish more gamers these days had the same mindset.
Maybe people just prefer to bash games, than play/enjoy them these days.

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Shoko2832d ago

It doesn't need saving. It's 70+ units strong, and it's a Nintendo console, meaning that it'll always have AAA quality titles that you can only play on the Wii.

cmrbe2832d ago

The wii sold well because it introduced motion gaming that is

1. Cheap
2. Accessiable
3. Fun
4. New back then.

Move and Kinetic fails on the first hurdle which is

1. Not cheap.

Lets not forget that you still need to buy a PS3 and x360 in order to use either move or the kinetic.

Nintendo need not worry as Sony is not really targeting the extreme casual that the wii is targeting. Kinetic is but kinetic will fall flat on its face.

jneul2832d ago


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