GC 2007: Hands on with the Super Mario Galaxy demo's secret levels

Super Mario Galaxy isn't just better than Sunshine. It isn't just really good, or merely brilliant. It is one of those genre-defining games that we're fortunate enough to witness every so often, which kick the entire industry up the ass, make it clear just how badly everyone else has been slacking without even realizing it, and eventually improve videogames for all of us. It's one of those rare games which has nothing it can be compared to, and like Super Mario Bros. 3 before it, consistently boggles you with its seemingly effortless breaking of ground while simultaneously making you wonder why we couldn't have always had things this good.

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ReBurn4104d ago

I don't care how "kiddie" it is as long as its good.

ChickeyCantor4104d ago



but yeah i cant w8 =D

bluegoblin4104d ago

What nintendo is capable of doing.Keep the great games coming nintendo.

jcgamer4104d ago

very well from Super Mario 3 in a level!...this one might just be that special...

zerolinkgannon4104d ago

I must have this game! 10 out of 10 guaranteed!

Trick Nolte4104d ago

The more excited i get. I'm getting that same feeling that i had when Mario64 was about to be released. :D Super f"N" Excited. Sad to see so many gamers today call a franchise that set the standards for 2D and 3D platforming childish and kiddy. How many games borrowed from this one franchise? TOO many to F'n count.

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