Insomniac Boss: “Resistance 3 Will Be The Best Game We’ve Ever Done”

It’s passed two years since Resistance 2 came out, and a lot have happened since that time. Ted Price, Insomniac Games boss, admitted they made a few mistakes with the aforementioned, noting the team tried to bite off more than they could chew.

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Mamajuana2894d ago

Let's see if the end product reflects on that.

cmrbe2894d ago

so i am pretty sure it will be their best game for a long time.

CrazyForGames2894d ago

weren't they saying the same thing about R2....

ExplosionSauce2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Not really. They couldn't have really "gone back" to something they hadn't left yet.

So it makes sense with R3. But not R2.

units2894d ago

we will be the judge of that

cmrbe2894d ago

Wow. Didn't know it was in devlopment that long.

Love the fact that they acknowledge they made mistakes with R2. To me it wasn't really because of lack of polish.It was a very polished game. No, to me the problem was they tried to change Resistance into a cookie cutter mass appeal FPS. The majority of the 3.7 million people that bought part 1 bought and enjoyed it because it was different.

R3 is going to be epic.

Quagmire2894d ago

I dunno, A Crack in Time was pretty darn fun if ya ask me :P

Raoh2894d ago

i hope so.. its a great series.. once i clear my current playing log i want to replay resistance again before part 3 comes out.

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