The 15 Greatest Suits of Armor in Video Games

Ranker: "With Halloween on the horizon, I was thinking some people might want to think about going for the gold and getting into some awesome pieces of armor, rather than just finding some overalls, a red shirt and cap and calling themselves Mario. So in honor of some of the greater video game costumes that are possible, here are the 15 greatest suits of armor in video games."

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Gam3s4lif32898d ago

....hmm wouldnt crysis armour be in there too? come on the nano suit is pretty cool....

Quagmire2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

The nano suit would be the most useful in wars, or just in everyday general, would be hella fun to use.

Should be at 2nd, if not first. Pretty sure it out does Samus's in terms of use.

Plus, where is the Starcarft 2 terran armour? That thing looks like a house!

Cyrus3652898d ago

Yeah Crysis armor should be up there.

toaster2898d ago

Definitely, it'd be the most useful out of any of the ones listed. The perfect suit for a super soldier. It also added a lot of diversity in the way you chose to play the game. Gave you an option to do a task the way you want. Stealth, brute strength, and the other ones or use them all.

The Brotherhood of Steel armor looks the most badass in my opinion, better than almost all other armor in FO3. It isn't the most useful, but it looks awesome nonetheless.

Sarcasm2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

The recent Vanquish AR suit is pretty cool.

Xulap2898d ago

Yeah, Crysis' armor should be there along with Old Snake's OctoCamo.

hay2898d ago

Yeah, Snake's OctoCamo from MGS4 is the shizznit. Except camouflage it enhanced his physical abilities(just look at good old snake without it... he's skinny as hell)

Bolts2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Since this article was obviously written by an idiot the nano suit didn't make the cut. Yet for some reason he mentioned the Mass Effect suit and Half Life's HEV. None of those are iconic. Overall this article is just full of fail for mentioning so many suits that doesn't deserve to be mentioned.

The bigest fail of them all is omitting the Warhammer 40K Space Marine power suit. It's the franchise that invented THE Space Marine and THE power suit.

Cenobia2898d ago

I would definitely disagree that Half Life's HEV is not iconic.

Obtaining it was a cool moment, and the vocal warnings were awesome.

"Warning...User death imminent."

CrazyForGames2898d ago

not surprised samus suit is number 1 has allot of bells and whistles

John-1172898d ago

Yeah mean everyone looks at her boobs and ass

The_Devil_Hunter2898d ago

Man running out of ideas for the top this and that.

2898d ago
DarthMoose2898d ago

Should have arthurs armor from ghost and goblins and dead rising 2 in there :)

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