Cliff Bleszinski Wishes He Made Bayonetta

Game developers always marvel at the work of other game companies. By looking at the creation of other teams, developers are able to learn new ideas and go about crafting future games with a better mindset. Many developers like to experience new ideas and take in some of the new gameplay elements a company invents or perhaps innovates on.

Cliff Bleszinski is renowned for his work on Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, but what game does he wish he could have created.

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Jamegohanssj52833d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha(x's1000)

The game doesn't just focus on guns Cliff. You couldn't have done it and to promote it, there's nothing you could have done to make yourself look like a bigger idiot then you are. Such as running through walls with a replica gun from your game lol. Wtf was he thinking?


deadreckoning6662833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I'd rather be the idiot whose a millionaire and is responsible for the most commercially successful new IP on this generation's HD consoles, than be the idiot who talks about an idiot on the thread of a gaming news site.

@swiftshot93- AC1 and AC2(to my knowledge) didn't sell more copies that Gears 1 and 2. Not saying your could be right. Anyone care to post a link?

swiftshot932833d ago

So you'd rather be Patrice Désilets, creative director of Assassin's Creed?

dragonelite2833d ago

The man deserves more credits then only gears of war.
Didn't he also designed jazz jack rabbit uuh nevermind it's probably before your guys time.

toaster2833d ago

@ dragonelite

Many people here forget or don't even know that EPIC goes further than just Gears of War, in my opinion Gears is what brought down my expectations from EPIC. Unreal Tournament 2004 was a multiplayer masterpiece, UT3 is a great game still and played both offline and online by many people- with bots, something that is missed from games this generation. Gears dumbed down the frantic gunplay that was found in the UT games, making you hide behind cover to save yourself rather than try to outgun the enemy.

ELite_Ghost2833d ago

he just means uncharted, how many GOTY awards did it get like 39?

DelbertGrady2833d ago

You guys really have a hard time accepting anything that as much as mentions Cliff Bleszinski. He's a great game designer and he gives cred to a great studio and you guys call him an idiot. Pathetic.

If it was Jaffe or Naughty Dog you would be praising them about how open-minded they are.

morganfell2833d ago

Well Delbert if you want to show what a great designer he is then list the games besides the one whose main mechanic was stolen from another game. He may be the Tony Stark of copying game mechanics but that is about it.

Perjoss2833d ago

"list the games besides the one whose main mechanic was stolen from another game"

yeah because no one steals ideas, specially in games design. Why not focus on stuff they did right like a reloading minigame which actually added to the tension or how about the rodie run, stop hating and start gaming.

Defective Bot2833d ago

"AC1 and AC2(to my knowledge) didn't sell more copies that Gears 1 and 2. Not saying your could be right. Anyone care to post a link?"

AC1- http://www.totalvideogames....


Geow 1+2-

Although Geow 2 is now past 5 million units sold, the 16+ million combined sales of AC1 and AC2 greatly surpass the 10+ million sales of Geow 1 and 2.

No wonder you only have one bubble.....

InTheKnow2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Isn't bayonetta a game about a female avatar that shoots from her How did that " masterpiece " sell...Hmmmm...

@ swifthot...ASScreed is Prince of Persia...'93 says it all.

@morganfellDOWN...what game did they steal from...are you talking about this...

I had this's nothing like Gears of War. It was fun with the exception of very long levels with no checkpoints. The cove mechanic is similar as all 3rd person shooters look but you obviously haven't played this game or Gears. UC 2 came out a year after Gears with half the sales...INTERESTING cover system UC has

The master piece in action...this is the 2006 E3 reveal. Slide into cover, blind fire while moving left to right. Jump from cover to cover, Roadie run, vault over cover, grenade precision throwing, BRUTAL melee, double tap reload, over the shoulder view...etc...LMFAO...ADD 10 more features when Gears 3 releases. The best cover system around...with 12+ million in sales for this gen, I'd say many agree.

morganfell2833d ago Show
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-Ikon-2833d ago

I wish I made out with Bayonetta too...

oh wait!!

Neckbear2833d ago

...Too bad she's a nature freak with incredibly long legs that will never be real ;_;

cmrbe2833d ago

of pieces before you get near her.

jc485732833d ago


I don't think you've met the world's longest legs. She's quite the hotty I say, so check her out in World of Records book.

jc485732833d ago

I was just thinking about all the games I've played so far and I don't think anything will ever beat Resident Evil 4 for what it has brought to the shooting genre. No matter how much Gears of Wars kicks ass, RE4 will always hold a special place in my heart. It may not be the perfect Resident Evil, but the over the shoulder shooter was sure a refreshing and surprising concept. I don't want to hear how other developers have improved on it because RE4 still kicks ass. DMC and Bayonetta kicks ass too and can Cliff handle the job? Hell no. I dare him to try, but I don't think he will repeat history again.

FFXNo12833d ago

This idiot doesn't have the talent to may a game like Bayonetta. The closest he ever came to create like this, was the lame space rabbit game from years ago

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Silly gameAr2833d ago

He probably would have made a better PS3 port than Sega did.

CrzyFooL2833d ago

I saw this tweet. I knew someone would make a story out of this. Lol.

Bloodshedder2833d ago

she would ended up looking like this...

-Ikon-2833d ago

^^ Needs more steroids

Defective Bot2833d ago

yeah more steroids, a mustache and a penis.

C'mon Cliffy, who are you trying to fool, come out that closet already and don't worry, your loyal Xbox queens will be there to support you.

Whoooop2833d ago

Well if you like a female character that looks like a 500 pound gorilla who can't even lift her legs 2 feet in the air for combat... Then yeah, a Bayonetta Cliff's cut is what you want.

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