Player Affinity: Medal of Honor Review

Josh Margolis wrote: "Medal of Honor is EA’s reboot of the series, but this time it’s a modern day shooter taking place at the onset of the invasion of Afghanistan. In fact the opening credits is filled with audio from reports made on 9/11. Also I’m not sure what it is about this game, but from the get go it takes Call of Duty's style of having them talk over an ever changing map. If you have no idea what I mean, play Modern Warfare 2 (I’m sure if you’re reading this you have). This is one of the first things the game obviously is trying to emulate from the Modern Warfare games."

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Invadersims2898d ago

Good review. This is definitely one on my rent list.

jjmtf222898d ago

This one seems like a bummer. So sad, CoD has been on top for too long. Needs competition.

Grim_Fandango2898d ago

Don't do multiplayer--it's absolutely brutal out there man. The review was great, singleplayer was great... but multiplayer is absolutely brutal out there. Competition is stiff and the AK47 has a tendency to rock the maps. Be careful out there boys :D