Black Ops Leakers, Could Lead to a Serious Ban

It appears that Black Ops gameplay videos have been leaked all over the web, screening a few multiplayer footages and the main menu of the game, which shows the; single player, multiplayer, zombie mode and of course the options. But now the people that have uploaded the videos onto YouTube have released more videos showing off more gameplay footages.

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gamerzBEreal172894d ago

Wha Ohh someone is in trouble!

TrevorPhillips2894d ago

This leakers are going to cop it ull see. I mean theres only less than 3 weeks for the game to come out. Couldnt they wait lol

Jawmuncher2894d ago

What the fuck is this nonsense?
If they actually own the game they won't get banned and if it's PS3 Sony won't do anything about it.

TrevorPhillips2894d ago

actually they will, if they leak everything thats in the game along with the zombie mode they'll obviously get banned since Treyarch wants to reveal it themselves and dont want leakers. and im sure Sony will do something about it.

XxDeathDoctorxX2894d ago

yeah sony might since treyarch wants leakers to be ban

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