Microsoft announce full details of FOXTEL on Xbox 360

Microsoft just announced full details for the upcoming feature that will hit the Xbox 360 next month, FOXTEL. Package details and pricing of this exciting feature are fully detailed.

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WengYong2834d ago

Oh so you live in Ausralia? You get Foxtel where ever you live? He was merely stating a point to those that may not know about it.

Bathyj2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Read the article. It states those points fairly clearly.

While we're on the topic, Dammit, finally a service on Xbox I might actually use andits Foxtel only. Why no Austar?

And why the bloody hell do we need to have Xbox Live to use this. Thats just a ripoff. here no technical reason for it oter than M$ thinks this will rope in a few more customers.

I have to pay for my phone line, then pay for my internet, then pay for XBL which I dont want,and then Foxtel?

Its a good deal for those that have or want XBL, damn annoying for me.

R_aVe_N2834d ago


Oh, you think people actually read around here? It is more like read the title and my crap up lol.

CraigGOA2834d ago

Yeah, kind of makes up for all the stuff Americans get on live. At least this way we can watch ESPN through our 360's, but not in the cool way the Americans do. It's a pretty good feature for Microsoft to bring to us Aussies. Let's hope it works well.

gaden_malak2834d ago

I honestly do not see the appeal.

I trust my foxtel box way more than I trust my 360 (it's one of the pre-RROD models) and it is a loud XBOX as well. The foxtel box is sturdy and simple to use.

DaBadGuy2834d ago

Oh no! Xbox 360 has been infected with FOXTEL!

Oh no! Someone alert Solid Snake and the La Li Lu Le Lo and sometimes Ly!

Don Mattrick wants Metal Gear to take over the GW AI and rewrite nanobot code to make us all love Kinect! IT'S THE GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS! The Patriots didn't want money or warheads or war secrets, they wanted us to love Kinect! And Liquid Mattrick is gonna fulfill the Patriots' legacy!


Sorry, I'm bored.

Yeah I guess this is great for the Aussie gamers. Have fun with FOXDIE!

yewles12834d ago

"and sometimes Ly!"

I cracked up there. XD

JonahFalcon2834d ago

Fox in the belly of the beast - Rupert Murdoch's home country. I pray for you.

gaden_malak2834d ago

Foxtel is very steady. Any issues will most likely be 360 related.

gaden_malak2834d ago

I should also add the other issue is internet usage. We do not have unlimited usage.

IHateYouFanboys2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

its a great deal, provided that some ISPs get on board with it being unmetered. if my ISP does that, and the NRL is included in the Sports package - although by the sounds of it it wont be :( - ill sign up.

gaden_malak: "I honestly do not see the appeal. "

the appeal is foxtel, cheaper than usual by about $10 a month, and with no extra hardware necessary. whats NOT to like about that if you own a 360 and were considering Foxtel? i see no way you can doubt the appeal of it.

iinet already has unmetered Xbox Live content, so itll be interesting to see if this is unmetered. they released launched their own IPTV service though, so that might throw a spanner in the works.

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