PlayStation Move third party Swords (and stuff)

Second part of iWaggle3D journey in the land of third party PlayStation Move accessories.

It's time to get physical.

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CobraKai2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I'll just take the guns thanks!!(I should use that line for a movie.)

I know that isn't the focus of this article but that's the only accessory I want

JoeReno2683d ago

I agree... This stuff looks silly. The guns on the other hand look as though they would serve a purpose.

BiggCMan2683d ago

this is ridiculous honestly. their must be more than 30 accessories for the move already! we dont need all of these pieces of plastic taking up space in our homes. maybe some of you do, but i sure as hell dont. with all the guitars i have from years ago, game cases, consoles, controllers, wires i have around my television, i dont need anything else. all of these useless accessories make the move seem so gimmicky and kid-like, when it really isnt. i really cant believe the amount of accessories ive seen for the move in the past month.

jneul2683d ago

the guns are awesome though and actually most of them are not kddy at all, they actually look "mature" some them, like the precision shot attachment for the move

FragGen2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Dude? Have you actually played any shooting games (not gallery games like Time Crisis, but shooters, like MAG or RE5)?

Those gun controllers SUCK.

They're more of a liability than anything else, the buttons are in terribly awkward positions when they're in use and modern shooters need ALL of the buttons instantly accessible.

Also, games like RE5 and MAG do not control well when you're waving the wand all around. They want really short precise movements. MAG is super sensitive to being waved around for example. SOCOM and KZ3 will be the same way.

muzzy2683d ago

Nothing for the ladies :(

Kill Crow2683d ago

a ladies toy by default?

soory .. bad joke ... couldn't resist

jerethdagryphon2683d ago

the sword one could be quite use ful for gladiator but meh its fun

DERKADER2683d ago

Motion Gaming = Shovel Ware + Plastic Peripherals

The Lazy One2683d ago

I'm curious how those would affect tracking. Seems like there might be some angles where the excessive molding bits would block the light ball. The guns would be more useful, but I don't think they'd be worth $16 when the games are just as playable without them.

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