3 more Call of Duty: Black Ops videos

Check out 3 more videos for Call of Duty: Black Ops showing over 30 minutes of footage.

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SSKILLZ2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

lol, keep them coming.

Edit: this guy sounds like he is having lots of fun...right ?

Chnswdchldrn2712d ago

when you can play the beta right now

just pop in your mw2 disc and----o wait.

SSKILLZ2712d ago

i see what you did there

DORMIN2712d ago

They keep taking down these videos! wtf!

Triggs2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

From viewing all of the clips so far, I have observed gameplay in consoles are kind of running around in the open/in the middle of hallways. In PC's it's staying close to walls, checking corners, and running from cover to cover. We do have players running around like this, but they tend to die often. I guess whatever works best for a given platform.

Urrakia342712d ago

So what's the point of your comment?

Paralex2712d ago

It's not really a platform thing. I think most of these guys feel comfortable with running around in the open like that because most people who are on this BETA aren't good players at all. I bet once this hits retail people will be playing way more defensive.

Triggs2712d ago

Your answer is the only one that is not rude, Paralex, and thank to that. I did not expect to get this little backlash. One cannot make any comment here without being misunderstood and castrated. They should have just told me that what I said is not always the case - I could have learned from them too. Like I said, from the videos I watched that is what I have observed. There may be other tactics that other players employ that I have not seen, because I am less exposed to console FPS gameplay. That does not make me a so called elitist, doesn't it?

Millah2712d ago

Stfu, theres no difference between how people play. People will be people, regardless of platform, and will play the way people play. Quit trying to act like everyone who plays on a PC is some kind of elitist snob and super hardcore 1337 realistic gamer. I have MW2 and COD4 on PC and consoles. People are just as aggressive, if not more on PC because mouse/keyboard is much easier to aim and twitch shoot with.

Urrakia342712d ago

thank you! that guy is probably just fuckin smug cuz he has a PC and thinks consoles are for kids

TekoIie2712d ago

dont talk crap, when i play on my PC i find people doing that. Seriously how come i alway's find PC players "bragging" about what they have and why they're system is the best, its basically fanboyism on a new level

Gawdl3y2712d ago

Nah, it IS fanboyism. Isn't that exactly what, for example, Xbox fanboys or PS3 fanboys do? Claim their console is the best and brag? All three platforms have their fanboys.

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lionp6962712d ago

where are the zombie videos?

T9X692712d ago

I would say in the next few days. Some guy already has a legit copy of the game, 3 to be exact. He's selling it to for.....wait for it...$600 fucking dollars. If they actually get it, it will be leaked this week and there will be tons of HD videos of Zombies.

El_Colombiano2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Selling it to Is that legal?

Gawdl3y2712d ago

When has it being illegal ever stopped them before?

T9X692712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


Yea they are normal people just like us, all the Xbox360iso members are chipping in to get the $600 and one guy is going to get it, rip it and upload it for everyone. Selling it is legal, ripping it and uploading isn't though, obviously.


That's a Zombie video, the guy who I'm talking about that is selling the game just uploaded that. Watch it before it get's taken down.

jocomat92712d ago

Im getting it. I hated MW2 but this one is shaping up to what i wanted mw2 to be.

SSKILLZ2712d ago

True and i was playing a match 1 day ago and you here these guys talking about how they can't wait for black ops, totally agree with them the match we where playing was search and destroy.

Nathaniel_Drake2712d ago

How so? I really want to know what the difference is, because visually they look the same.

vickers5002712d ago

People don't play CoD for the visuals, they play it for the smooth, fun, arcadey gameplay.

What he's talking about, is that this is a much more balanced and proper game than the trash that is MW2.

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