Concerns Over Short Single Player Campaign ‘Vanquish’ed

Vanquish has gained popularity since the first trailer debuted earlier in the year, partially due to its developer Platinum Games earning respect for releasing the beautiful Bayonetta. The game is now only days away and it is already being labeled as “too short” for a single-player only game. An employee at Platinum Games has a beef with that.

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AKissFromDaddy2829d ago

I don't care how long Vanquish is because I know I'll enjoy it..........but if it happens to take 30hrs to beat it, that be nice too, lol :-)

MachinaMaw2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I doubt a third-person shooter would be that long but yeah that would be nice.

However I don't want the campaign to be too short as that probably won't give the players a fun and satisfying experience. And without multiplayer, that'll be a big problem.

MachinaMaw2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )


I regard GTA as more of a sandbox action-adventure third-person while Vanquish is more linear and focuses on the shooter aspect.

HolyOrangeCows2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"An employee at Platinum Games has a beef with that"
An employee refuting that their game is short?! OMGG!!!!!

I can't believe all of the people saying that they don't care that they're paying $60 for a 4 hour game because it's "unique" (Because you can slide

AKS2829d ago

I am not worried about it because it looks awesome, and it's my money to spend as I please. I played the demo level several times and expect the same with the rest of the game.

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Neckbear2829d ago

Although I'd like it to have variation on the levels, that's all it needs. It can be short, but as long as the missions and levels don't feel too alike, I can enjoy it even more.

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BkaY2829d ago

ppl complaining about the length of the game...

try not to play it on very easy or casual difficulty.

i know i am going to start with hard ...


AKissFromDaddy2829d ago

Me too, unless you have to beat the game on normal to unlock hard like in Bayonetta.

EvilBlackCat2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )


-end of statement-

despair2829d ago

its published by Sega not Capcom.

Redempteur2829d ago

published by sega , made by platinium games ..

Mis informed people theses days ..

BkaY2829d ago

bub + have "intelligent"


bub- didnt have "retarded" selection


SexyPrawns2829d ago

I can't wait!

Even if it was four hours long, it'd probably be the four most entertaining hours of my life! (God of War III doesn't count. It's not fair to compare anything to God of War III.)

TheLastGuardian2829d ago

I thought this game was going to sell well but I know people will be turned off from buying it since the campaign is so short.

Bathyj2829d ago

How do you know its "so short"?

Thats the problem with the internet, people read something that may or maynot be true and then repeat it as if it were fact. Then the next guy repeats it and doesnt even question if its true or not because the guy he heard say was so sure of himself, and probably wrote FACT after his statement (which we all know makes lies real. /s)

And I have to write bloody /s everytime, or else sarcasm get mistaken for sincerity and goes unrecognised.

TheLastGuardian2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

It's really the players skill level and what difficulty they are playing on that determines how long it will take to finish the game. I'm just going on what I heard from GI. I'm not saying they're right or not but I'm saying some people might not be buying this game anymore because GI said it was 4 hours long. I was never planning on buying this game but it's definitely always been a day 1 rental.

iceman062829d ago

I agree with the skill level comment. The first run through that I had with the demo level took me more than 20 minutes and just about all of my ammo because I was getting used to controls and figuring out the boss. Now, my second run (much smarter and paying better attention) cut that to about 9 minutes.

@Bathyj...I also agree with your statement as well. One publication doesn't really make a consensus opinion. It would be different if we had 20 reviews which all stated that the game was short (like MoH). But, even with THAT to me it's about the QUALITY of fun during this 4 hours. You can falsely inflate the time a game takes by putting redundant or pedantic objectives in a game that really are just fluff. OR you can just get balls to the wall fun. If it is the latter, I am more inclined to play it again...just to experience that fun once more.

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