Game interface Review: Planet MiniGolf + DLC (PS3 + Move)

Planet MiniGolf, Zen Studios’ first mini golf title, is the first miniature golf game to debut on the Playstation 3. Miniature golf titles are often stale reiterations of a classic game many of us remember as children, a childhood game which already suffers from reminiscing through a pair of rose colored glasses. In reality, most miniature golf experiences were little more than standard putting holes with a few curves, hills or obstacles. Sadly, only a handful of miniature golf titles even exist on current generation systems, but the overwhelming majority either lack in variety or design. Planet MiniGolf does not share the same fate of so many miniature golf titles before it.

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N4GAddict2977d ago

This needs move support

ExPresident2976d ago

It has MOVE support. I downloaded it this week and I don't agree with the reviews its gotten personally. I think its a fantastic title, especially with MOVE. But to each his own.

JohnkyKong2976d ago

Try not to be fooled by the misconceptions presented with "bottom-line" scores. The text of the review is rather positive, only taking issue with a few flaws.