ISM: 5 Games That Took Longer To Come Than Gran Turismo 5

ISM: Let's not forget, these games have taken (or are taking) longer to come than GT5. The recent delay of Gran Turismo 5 has fans at rage. Sony has expressed many times that Gran Turismo 5 will definitely release this year despite pessimistic fans; the newest delay only encouraged those awful doubts.

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movements2895d ago

Duke Nukem. Final Fantasy XIII.

-Alpha2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Hell yeah, but I don't think the development time was ever the issue. When you look at the list you ought to take into account the day the game was announced to exist instead of when it started development.

The issue with GT5 was how it was revealed so early and then dangled in front of fans for so long. In part this was done to assure the PS3 launch buyers that established IPs were down the pipeline. The PS3's launch lacked familiar franchises, and when you don't have that you risk your established audience. People were patient with waiting for a year or couple months, but once they found out the November release, after waiting for so long, they got real pissed off once it was delayed simply because patience eventually runs thin. Especially when you finally give a firm release date and then say "we need one more month" for a game that was stringed by the media/Sony/fans/PD for so long. How many times did we have rumors about "soon" release dates?

It should have simply been announced a little later. God of War III was in development for a long time (right after GOW II from what I hear) but the official announcement was made in a more sensible timeframe to its release.

Mamajuana2895d ago

You couldn't have said it any better.

ExplosionSauce2895d ago

Yeah, PD wasn't happy about the 3 week delay either.
It's truly annoying, but as long as it comes before the year ends... I say Yay!

nickjkl2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

gran turismo hd was announced early in the ps3 life cycle prologue came out a year after in japan and 2 years in america

so no its the gamers fault that they have been expecting a game that wasnt announced in 2006 and assumed the announed game was gran turismo 5 but was really called ran turism hd which turned out to be prolgue

besides they had just released gran turismo 4 the year before the ps3s launch

MachinaMaw2895d ago

Final Fantasy XIII was definitely not worth the wait but SC2 on the other hand is a different story.

EvilBlackCat2895d ago

well... that is the genre they are dedicated too... sooo?

Why was holding them?


rdgneoz32895d ago

Is that suppose to be English?

MaxXAttaxX2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It's the language of trolls.

They're unhappy with their system of choice and games, so they come to the PS3 section and troll.

Twilightx72895d ago

Just finished reading the article - did this guy totally ignore Final Fantasy XII as a game in the series? That came out in October 2006, so as bad as XIII was, I don't believe it fits on this list.

Esena2895d ago

Yeah lol, I noticed that too. Kind of poorly written...

cmrbe2895d ago

Tell me about it. SC2 is worth the price of admission and the wait alone because of the cinamatics.

My GOTY 2010 sofar.

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cmrbe2895d ago

Even then GT5 is almost bigger than all of these game combine.

RedDead2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I would put FF up there if it was not so shi*

coolbeans2895d ago

Around the same time frame. The backstory to AW also has multiple reasons as to what halted it. Not exactly the same for those games listed.

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