Can Video Games Increase Music Sales?

GameZone: "Motion City Soundtrack. Midtown. No Motiv. Reggie and the Full Effect. These are just a few of the bands that I discovered while playing Burnout 3: Takedown. I bought more CDs that year than ever before, all because of the numerous bands – from indie to mainstream – that I was exposed to while playing the likes of NFL Street and NHL 05."

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athmaus2859d ago

Ummm at this time i am unsure of that....good points though

alee2859d ago

Other than music games, having a song in a game is like having it in a movie or TV show, with a different audience. It gives bands exposure to more people, which can only be good for them.

n4f2859d ago

yeah but keep in mind that they have to take there part too so the pie is more divided