TVGB Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

TVGB writes: "This review may well be quite different from others that you read about this game. Why? Because I know next to nothing about Naruto. Or rather I knew nothing going into the game. Maybe that’s a stupid thing to admit; maybe you think someone with knowledge of the franchise should be heading up the review. It’s important to remember though that a lot of gamers will be in my position, not knowing much (if anything) about the series. That’s why it should be reassuring to hear this newbie say that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is absolutely awesome and a lack of knowledge shouldn’t hold you back from playing one of the most colorful, enjoyable fighters around."

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maximus19852777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

but again why let a person thats a non fan review this?!!! why why why. tell you what im gonna write a review on the next series on the LIFETIME(television for women) channel because i have no interest in it. also is there 44 or 42 characters in this game? i keep hearing 44 but ive only seen 42

rdgneoz32777d ago

"Assumes you’ll know pretty much everything about the Naruto universe when you pop the disc in"

Hmm, a game made for fans that expects people to know a good part of the universe when they play it... Yah, if they want to bitch, its called playing the first Ultimate Ninja Storm game if they don't feel like watching the anime/movies or reading the manga. Basically as maximus1985 said, why let a non fan review a game made for fans?

Grimhammer002777d ago

Well, presumably a dev wants to sell their games to as many customers as possible.
Making a game for fans is all well and good, but why alienate potential sales to non-fans?

I love fighters...I'm interested in this game. But I know little about Naruto.
Will I love it? Do I really want to kill hours of tedium to unlock characters and finally get to the story proper?

Probably! :p

maximus19852777d ago

they cant explain the story that has over a hundred episodes in a few hours of gameplay. Infact if they did non fans would complain that its too much story info.

so basically it comes down to dont understand the story then WATCH THE SHOW!!