Is Gran Turismo 5 the new Duke Nukem Forever?

Gran Turismo 5 was supposed to come out November 5. Gamers were all set to finally race again on Polyphony Digital's beautiful recreations of the world's greatest race tracks. Alas, Gran Turismo has once again stalled at the starting line and its future is 'To Be Announced.'

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WildArmed2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yes, obviously.
Because GT5 has obviously been in development since 1997...
Giving it a 13 year dev cycle

I just hope the next article w/ such a stupid headline will have the same production length as Duke Nukem Forever.

Hoje03082898d ago

Really, a game that missed production by three days is somehow similar to Duke? Fucking retards on this site...

UltimateIdiot9112898d ago

November 2. No, the game is done, just need to hit production.
It's been over 14 years since DNF was announce and it's still not out. It's only been 5 years for GT5, and it's not really even 5 years. The PS3 is barely 4 years old.

Pedobear Rocks2898d ago

if the people approving things actually followed the guidelines...examiner is nothing more than no name hacks with a blog wrapped up in a advertising model called examiner.

Stop approving their is ALL rehashed from other sites.

lilmetal2898d ago

You can't rush a perfectionist.
GT5 will release once it's perfect.
Not a single second earlier.

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The story is too old to be commented.