ESRB Watch: Tetris (PS3)

Chris writes: "Way back in February we posted a story about why the minis version of Tetris wouldn’t work on PS3. The reasoning behind it was because EA was hard at work on a full-fledged PS3 Version. Well it looks like we might be finally getting it soon, as the ESRB has a rating for it."

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sdtarm2617d ago

It only Does Tetris :D

Fred-G-Sanford2617d ago

I have never understood why so many people like Tetris.

It's probably the most boring game I have ever played.

branchedout2617d ago

Tetris: Holding the record for the most milked game.


ThatArtGuy2617d ago

Considering that the creator gave the rights to the Soviet government, I'm surprised they licensed it out as much as they did.

Ocelot5252617d ago

after the collapse the whole soviet industry got milked out, tetris included

Tangostarr2617d ago

I bought the mini version because it doesn't state it doesn't work on PS3 like most others do. Been sitting unused since I don't have a PSP. Taught me to double check things before I buy them lol.

problemchild842617d ago

Yeah I did the same with the Homerun Hitters Minis game, now after i bought that there are seperate tabs for PS3 only Minis and PSP only Minis

gaden_malak2617d ago

I don't get why PS3 is not able to play PSP games.

Stationfan2617d ago

I bought itwhen I bought my big boss psp, my reasoning was because the game was addicting and plus I've neve owned my own tetris game I'd always play my friends versions

nevin12617d ago

I have Homerun Hitters and its not bad. paid $2. I also have Hero of Spata which was on sale for a $1.

as far tetris goes, my fav version of all time was on the Offical Playstation Magazine demo disk for PS1 way back in 1999. it was addictive. I still have the disk but last time i checked it didn't work.

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