Goldeneye Wii: For England, Activision? No, for Profit

Is Activision/Eurocom's remake really trying to bring back the glory days, or are they just trying to make a quick buck?

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NYC_Gamer2682d ago

activision will try to milk this game for all its worth

Shoko2682d ago

Even if this game is just for a milk, it's still a quality title. The effort going into this is quite obvious.

matey2682d ago

he talks rubbish if there were no set pieces and interactive cut scenes he would moan this is meant to be modern ect oh ur health re-generates on the easy setting there are 4 settings of difficulty ect

stragomccloud2679d ago

How is mixing a little CoD flare a bad thing?

Anywho, either way, this is shipping up to be an awesome title. Preordered my copy back in August.