Medal of Honor, did it live up to the hype?

A review of Medal of Honor, done in two parts (campaign and multiplayer) by the casual gaming website

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theonlylolking2897d ago

It did not have too much hype to begin with.

MURKERR2897d ago

EA's plan of bad press is still press to try and overshadow COD doesnt seemed to have worked.

imvix2897d ago

If anything will Kill COD it wont be another FPS, it will be Activision. It will happen as soon as people realise they are buying yearly rehashes.

HolyOrangeCows2897d ago

People keep saying that it "didn't live up to the hype" and frankly I never saw much hype.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2897d ago

Unfortunately it did not for me. Hopefully the next one will be better.

AKA2897d ago

Something is wrong with you, this game is great.

I guess haters have to hate.
It's reminding me of the hate that Killzone got.

nanometric2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Sorry, but the game has been rushed and is bugged from the get go. How the hell can you miss two campaign glitches in the first three missions which prevent you from advancing further. (reffering to hellfire glitch @airstrip and apache mission glitch).
Besides, as far as I have gotten in the game, it doesn't give me anything I haven't already seen in a COD game.

madjedi2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

@nano i only had a glitch, with the atv, never had the hellfire glitch, haven't gotten to the apache, buggy yeah a bit, but i didn't think of it as a cod killer.

"Besides, as far as I have gotten in the game, it doesn't give me anything I haven't already seen in a COD game."

Well this is a truly brilliant statement /s, because i have yet to see something in a cod game, that wasn't pulled or modified from the medal of honor series from years ago on pc.

What the hell are you expecting you idiot, they are special ops soldiers in a warzone, set in modern times using advanced military tactics and weapons. Oh yeah nukes as a killstreak reward -_-.

And for all the people bashing moh, mw2 wasn't without it's flaws either.

nanometric2897d ago

Riiight, I'm a noob gamer, sorry, but I have been gaming on atari 2600, nes, snes, sega genesis, ps1, ps2, ps3 and just couple days ago bought my own i7 (though, I have played a lot of oldschool PC games i.e. Fallout, Deus EX, Diablo, Doom, Quake and the like, including some earlier MoH games). So, your theory already goes out of the window.

Got the game yesterday and already got those two glitches. Had to do some wierd a$$ "press E to lean, so you can designate targets only the right side of the screen" workaround to get past that hellfire mission.

Even if COD did pull something from earlier MoH games, atleast it did deliver an exiting campaign. MoH on the other hand had to improve on that, but it didn't (as far as I can tell for now). It's not a bad game, but it isn't a exceptional one either. It has the things I have already seen in COD4 and MW2.

I also did get to play PS3 multiplayer beta, and it looked like some wierd crossover between Battlefield and MW2. Sorry, but this game lack's identity.

Besides, where did I mention that MW didn't have it's flaws, it did. The multiplayer was horrendously glitched. But still, I did enjoy it.

p.s. keep in mind, I haven't finished the singleplayer yet and tried the finished multiplayer, so my opinion may change. But for now it stands as is.

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darkequitus2897d ago


I did not see any hype. The only thing of note was the people wanting to boycott it.

I am having fun playing the solo campaign on teir 1

mzm1192897d ago

you didn't see any hype of it being labeled a COD Killer and all the controversy surrounding their initial decision to include the Taliban in multiplayer? EA has said directly that it's the first step in conquering the COD franchise...

BeOneWithTheGun2897d ago

Or all the hype how this would be a "personal" game that went in-depth with a soldiers life? A game that went past the superficial war drama and gave you access to a real soldiers soul? Or how the game was going to KILL Cod with it's realism and graphics?

This game falls so flat. The only good thing about it is when I was looking at all the squares in the art design I felt like I was tripping. (Jaggies)

mzm1192897d ago

@beone, all good points. I was disappointed in the graphics more than anything. it felt so unpolished and rushed

Feihc Retsam2897d ago

I saw the commercials and claims of being a revolutionary FPS. It's Battlefield: Bad Company 2.5 :)

huzzaahh2897d ago

It was BC2.5, minus the awesome.

KingKiff2897d ago


I was saying all that just after the BETA.

The full game didn't get much beta, lol see what I did there???

wsoutlaw872897d ago

every shooter now is called a COD killer. Its own commercials aren't really hype cuz every game a movie says its the best ever. Not really more hype than any other big game.

Soldierone2897d ago

EA outright said it won't be a COD killer "yet" and quite frankly I expected that. You cant fight off brainwashed zombies in one try. This game was purely a stepping stone to the next one in the franchise, one that will be marketed heavily and developed perfectly. COD will most likely be on its downslope by then anyways.

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NYC_Gamer2897d ago

what hype?this game has been getting bashed like crazy

BannedForNineYears2897d ago

In my mind, this game was gonna be OMGEESAUCE EPIC.
So no.......xD
Then again, I haven't played it.
I'm only judging from reviews. ;P

huzzaahh2897d ago

I played the game's campaign and multiplayer and I can honestly say that it is boring and uninspired. I wish I could say something positive about it, but I can't.

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