Layoffs and Closures Hit the Game Industry Hard This Week

The videogame industry has undergone hard times this week.

Rumors are circulating that Krome Studios, the company behind Microsoft's Game Room will be closing its doors. The Australian company had already started shutting down offices earlier this year, and its Brisbane and Melbourne offices may follow suit.

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postofficebuddy2861d ago

Damn, and I just bought Blade Kitten earlier today. Whenever news like this comes out it makes me worried about the state of the gaming industry.

ElementX2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Well, people who produce crap shouldn't really be making games. There are too many companies producing horrible glitchy games. Do they deserve to have a job in the industry? If you go to work and you put all your effort into something and you continuously fail, you won't have a job very long, either.