Warhawk to have midnight 8/28 PSN release; Canadian price announced

Sony has just opened the Warhawk PLAYSTATION 3 portal, which gives details on Warhawk's midnight PSN release, and pricing details. Hit the jump to find out more.

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TheExecutive3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

I will be there at 12:01AM... this game is gonna rock


If you go to the ps3 warhawk forum there is a thread there with people who actually have the game already (or at least say they do). They have pictures and are answering questions.

felidae3954d ago

there are so many different games for the ps3. i miss these kind of games on my 360.

doshey3954d ago

damn buy the bundle or download it, wait i go back to school the day this game comes out, hell with it just buy it online, im not going to have anytime to play the game so i can just wait and then get into the game and get served, oh ya

San anto3954d ago

does any1 kno if u add credit to an american account with a british credit card does it take into consideration currency exchange?

If any1 could help it wud be great

IPlayGames3954d ago

Educated guess:

I dont think it will let because of your Master Account region doesnt match your credit card.

If it doesnt work then create another Master account with the same country as your credit card.

Delive3954d ago

I tried this with Tekken DR on the EU PSN with my US Visa card. It would not let me register it without a locak bank account.

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The story is too old to be commented.