New Details and Screens from Gran Turismo 5

The game may be delayed, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from releasing additional screenshots and details from Gran Turismo 5. A recent event for GT5 took place in Taipei, Taiwan, with helpful assistants showing off various features such as the track editor.

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acedoh2831d ago

to see a special GT edition PS3. Microsoft has done it with Halo and COD and I think it would be smart of SONY to do it for GT5 here in North America. I know how many collectors there are when it comes to Gran Turismo stuff and I am sure that console would sell out.

Elwenil2831d ago

There is a GT5 PS3 bundle with a special blue PS3 for the Japanese market.

Kon_Artist 2831d ago

but couldnt do they do a lil bit more like a freaking car on the cover or somthing

SyphonFilter2831d ago

GT 5 NA bundle would be nice but either way it would move consoles.

s0ph1atr0n2831d ago

But its accessibility is also good. Maybe for GT6 they'll have the Standard track editor that's automatic like this and a Professional track editor that lets you set up everything piece by piece.

Ilikegames762831d ago

the track editor would be something like ModNation Racer. KY already said that he wanted to put a full blown track editor but after some consideration he decided that he will wait until GT6. Beside, he said that what he have in mind has a steep learning curve, meaning, it's very complicated for the average user.

Enate2831d ago

I'd be able to make a downhill mountain pass to drift on but doesn't look like I'll be able to. Still can't wait though.

mrmcygan2831d ago

I think GT5 will get LBP2 old release date of Nov 16. Yes it is a week after black ops, but the huge majority of GT5 sales will be outside North America.

Just look at the sales of F1 2010, EMEAA(Europe,Middle East,Africa,Asia):237,076
The Americas: 29,261
Japan: 23,898


How many times does this game need to be delayed before everyone realizes they are just s reing with you and thus game us going to be a 7 or 8 rated game and all this time tooken will be for not lol...go ahead hit the disagree button but it's true this game just isn't living up to the hype the Demio was weak And 3d is a flop move is wack period and I have a ps3 so f off I'm just being real!!!!!polyphony is wack

red2tango2831d ago

you should learn how to spell and also improve your grammar because it sounds like you can barely speak your own language

blumatt2831d ago

lol You make me laugh. To say 3D is a flop is a little too soon. Move is definitely not "wack". It works perfectly as said and has plenty of support. As for GT5, it will be one of the top 5 games this generation, no doubt. I'm a huge GT fan and, though I wish it didn't get delayed a few more weeks, I can live with it. It will come out before Christmas and it will have more features packed in that most other games, so chill.

Redempteur2831d ago

unified servers ? awesome ..

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