NXT Gamer: Dead Space: Ignition Review

NXT Gamer's Oliver reviews Dead Space 2's prequel, Dead Space: Ignition!

"Dead Space: Ignition is a prologue to the upcoming January big-hitter Dead Space 2. Serving to flush out the cause of the outbreak of Necromorphs on one of humanity’s biggest space stations, The Sprawl, it’s a free download to those who have pre-ordered the main title at participating retailers and 400 Microsoft points to those who have not. It’s a similar premise to the recent Dead Rising 2: Case Zero in that it not only serves to promote the upcoming release but also adds to the content and story a little too. Like Case Zero, it comes with an unlockable for the main title in the form of a suit for its protagonist, Isaac Clarke, to wear. It’s a shame then, that after playing just twenty minutes of this motion-comic/ puzzle game mash-up, I would rather spend a night alone with a Necromorph."

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