The Best FREE Games

How much have you spent on games over your lifetime? Think about the bags of quarters you fed to hungry arcade machines, the games, the consoles, the peripherals. It's a nightmare. Isn't it about time you got something for nothing? Of course it is. These games are a blast - not because they've got the latest tech under the hood - but because they're fun, addictive - and best of all - free.

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Observer3738d ago

this one, IMO, is the best free game ever !

This sh!t is addictive !

AllroundGamer3738d ago

lol very nice indeed, but it keeps crashing with my latest firefox :(

Korosuke3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

thx, it's awesome table tennis. I added a bubble.

here, my recommends.



zoibie3738d ago

some people are really gonna hate games radar for that last one lol.

The_Firestarter3738d ago

I hate that last game so frickin' much!!!

barom3738d ago

lol, that game was awsome. no one should ever play that game with a low volume. high volume is a must.

LeonSKennedy4Life3738d ago

I don't know. My friend refuses to hang out with his girlfriend because he's playing Maple Story's ridiculous!

MACHone3738d ago

...of my favorites are Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, GunZ: The Duel, and KAL Online.

radical_pi3738d ago

dont play the maze one

i think it gave me an mild heart attack

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