Why People Hate Modern Warfare 2

Famous Machinima Director: BlameTruth has quit this game because he was fed up with the “noobtubers” (people who grenade launch) and other things that in every lobby you will see. He says that in the first month of the game, MW2 was fun since no one knew about unlimited noobtubes and modded lobbies.

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dragonyght2859d ago

the question that should be ask why aren't we allow to hate mw2

xYLeinen2859d ago

The hate aspect of MW2 is so overrated. Sure people say they hate the game, but it seem it's popular and "trendy" to hate the game, because apparently EVERYONE is hating it.

So basically everyone loves to hate this game, but they all still play it. If you strongly hate something you won't play it.

BeOneWithTheGun2859d ago

but, alas, that abortion of a game fell flat. The good news is, Fallout NV comes out Tuesday and a slew of other games in the up coming weeks. So, I might not get my FPS fix but hey, GT5, F:NV, AC:B, Fable 3 are more than sufficient to hold me over until KZ3.

PirateThom2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Undue sales and praise for a derivative, generic and underwealming game and franchise. It's solidified its self as everything that is wrong with gaming. Something gets enough hype, people will buy it and claim it's gold no matter how broken it is.

It also doesn't help that it's an Activison game, so buying it is the same as donating money to Westboro Baptist Church in terms of sensible use of money.

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